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// RUN: %clang_cc1 %s -pedantic -verify -triple=x86_64-apple-darwin9
// rdar://6097662
typedef int (*T)[2];
restrict T x;
typedef int *S[2];
restrict S y; // expected-error {{restrict requires a pointer or reference ('S' (aka 'int *[2]') is invalid)}}
// int128_t is available.
int a() {
__int128_t s;
__uint128_t t;
// but not a keyword
int b() {
int __int128_t;
int __uint128_t;
// __int128 is a keyword
int c() {
__int128 i;
unsigned __int128 j;
long unsigned __int128 k; // expected-error {{'long __int128' is invalid}}
int __int128; // expected-error {{cannot combine with previous}} expected-warning {{does not declare anything}}
// __int128_t is __int128; __uint128_t is unsigned __int128.
typedef __int128 check_int_128; // expected-note {{here}}
typedef __int128_t check_int_128; // expected-note {{here}} expected-warning {{redefinition}}
typedef int check_int_128; // expected-error {{different types ('int' vs '__int128_t' (aka '__int128'))}}
typedef unsigned __int128 check_uint_128; // expected-note {{here}}
typedef __uint128_t check_uint_128; // expected-note {{here}} expected-warning {{redefinition}}
typedef int check_uint_128; // expected-error {{different types ('int' vs '__uint128_t' (aka 'unsigned __int128'))}}
// Array type merging should convert array size to whatever matches the target
// pointer size.
// rdar://6880874
extern int i[1LL];
int i[(short)1];
enum e { e_1 };
extern int j[sizeof(enum e)]; // expected-note {{previous definition}}
int j[42]; // expected-error {{redefinition of 'j' with a different type: 'int [42]' vs 'int [4]'}}
// rdar://6880104
_Decimal32 x; // expected-error {{GNU decimal type extension not supported}}
// rdar://6880951
int __attribute__ ((vector_size (8), vector_size (8))) v; // expected-error {{invalid vector element type}}
void test(int i) {
char c = (char __attribute__((align(8)))) i; // expected-warning {{'align' attribute ignored when parsing type}}
// FIXME: This may or may not be the correct approach (no warning or error),
// but large amounts of Linux and FreeBSD code need this attribute to not be
// a hard error in order to work correctly.
void test2(int i) {
char c = (char __attribute__((may_alias))) i;