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// RUN: %clang_cc1 -fsyntax-only -verify %s
int x __attribute__((sentinel)); //expected-warning{{'sentinel' attribute only applies to functions, methods and blocks}}
void f1(int a, ...) __attribute__ ((sentinel));
void f2(int a, ...) __attribute__ ((sentinel(1)));
void f3(int a, ...) __attribute__ ((sentinel("hello"))); //expected-error{{'sentinel' attribute requires parameter 1 to be an integer constant}}
void f4(int a, ...) __attribute__ ((sentinel(1, 2, 3))); //expected-error{{attribute takes no more than 2 arguments}}
void f4(int a, ...) __attribute__ ((sentinel(-1))); //expected-error{{parameter 1 less than zero}}
void f4(int a, ...) __attribute__ ((sentinel(0, 2))); // expected-error{{parameter 2 not 0 or 1}}
void f5(int a) __attribute__ ((sentinel)); //expected-warning{{'sentinel' attribute only supported for variadic functions}}
void f6() __attribute__((__sentinel__)); // expected-warning {{'sentinel' attribute requires named arguments}}