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from clang.cindex import Cursor
from clang.cindex import File
from clang.cindex import SourceLocation
from clang.cindex import SourceRange
from .util import get_cursor
from .util import get_tu
baseInput="int one;\nint two;\n"
def assert_location(loc, line, column, offset):
assert loc.line == line
assert loc.column == column
assert loc.offset == offset
def test_location():
tu = get_tu(baseInput)
one = get_cursor(tu, 'one')
two = get_cursor(tu, 'two')
assert one is not None
assert two is not None
# adding a linebreak at top should keep columns same
tu = get_tu('\n' + baseInput)
one = get_cursor(tu, 'one')
two = get_cursor(tu, 'two')
assert one is not None
assert two is not None
# adding a space should affect column on first line only
tu = get_tu(' ' + baseInput)
one = get_cursor(tu, 'one')
two = get_cursor(tu, 'two')
# define the expected location ourselves and see if it matches
# the returned location
tu = get_tu(baseInput)
file = File.from_name(tu, 't.c')
location = SourceLocation.from_position(tu, file, 1, 5)
cursor = Cursor.from_location(tu, location)
one = get_cursor(tu, 'one')
assert one is not None
assert one == cursor
# Ensure locations referring to the same entity are equivalent.
location2 = SourceLocation.from_position(tu, file, 1, 5)
assert location == location2
location3 = SourceLocation.from_position(tu, file, 1, 4)
assert location2 != location3
def test_extent():
tu = get_tu(baseInput)
one = get_cursor(tu, 'one')
two = get_cursor(tu, 'two')
assert baseInput[one.extent.start.offset:one.extent.end.offset] == "int one"
assert baseInput[two.extent.start.offset:two.extent.end.offset] == "int two"
file = File.from_name(tu, 't.c')
location1 = SourceLocation.from_position(tu, file, 1, 1)
location2 = SourceLocation.from_position(tu, file, 1, 8)
range1 = SourceRange.from_locations(location1, location2)
range2 = SourceRange.from_locations(location1, location2)
assert range1 == range2
location3 = SourceLocation.from_position(tu, file, 1, 6)
range3 = SourceRange.from_locations(location1, location3)
assert range1 != range3