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//===-- FrontendAction.h - Generic Frontend Action Interface ----*- C++ -*-===//
// The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
#include "clang/Basic/LLVM.h"
#include "clang/Basic/LangOptions.h"
#include "clang/Frontend/FrontendOptions.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/StringRef.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/OwningPtr.h"
#include <string>
#include <vector>
namespace clang {
class ASTConsumer;
class ASTMergeAction;
class ASTUnit;
class CompilerInstance;
/// FrontendAction - Abstract base class for actions which can be performed by
/// the frontend.
class FrontendAction {
FrontendInputFile CurrentInput;
OwningPtr<ASTUnit> CurrentASTUnit;
CompilerInstance *Instance;
friend class ASTMergeAction;
friend class WrapperFrontendAction;
ASTConsumer* CreateWrappedASTConsumer(CompilerInstance &CI,
StringRef InFile);
/// @name Implementation Action Interface
/// @{
/// CreateASTConsumer - Create the AST consumer object for this action, if
/// supported.
/// This routine is called as part of \see BeginSourceAction(), which will
/// fail if the AST consumer cannot be created. This will not be called if the
/// action has indicated that it only uses the preprocessor.
/// \param CI - The current compiler instance, provided as a convenience, \see
/// getCompilerInstance().
/// \param InFile - The current input file, provided as a convenience, \see
/// getCurrentFile().
/// \return The new AST consumer, or 0 on failure.
virtual ASTConsumer *CreateASTConsumer(CompilerInstance &CI,
StringRef InFile) = 0;
/// \brief Callback before starting processing a single input, giving the
/// opportunity to modify the CompilerInvocation or do some other action
/// before BeginSourceFileAction is called.
/// \return True on success; on failure \see BeginSourceFileAction() and
/// ExecutionAction() and EndSourceFileAction() will not be called.
virtual bool BeginInvocation(CompilerInstance &CI) { return true; }
/// BeginSourceFileAction - Callback at the start of processing a single
/// input.
/// \return True on success; on failure \see ExecutionAction() and
/// EndSourceFileAction() will not be called.
virtual bool BeginSourceFileAction(CompilerInstance &CI,
StringRef Filename) {
return true;
/// ExecuteAction - Callback to run the program action, using the initialized
/// compiler instance.
/// This routine is guaranteed to only be called between \see
/// BeginSourceFileAction() and \see EndSourceFileAction().
virtual void ExecuteAction() = 0;
/// EndSourceFileAction - Callback at the end of processing a single input;
/// this is guaranteed to only be called following a successful call to
/// BeginSourceFileAction (and BeginSourceFile).
virtual void EndSourceFileAction() {}
/// @}
virtual ~FrontendAction();
/// @name Compiler Instance Access
/// @{
CompilerInstance &getCompilerInstance() const {
assert(Instance && "Compiler instance not registered!");
return *Instance;
void setCompilerInstance(CompilerInstance *Value) { Instance = Value; }
/// @}
/// @name Current File Information
/// @{
bool isCurrentFileAST() const {
assert(!CurrentInput.File.empty() && "No current file!");
return CurrentASTUnit != 0;
const FrontendInputFile &getCurrentInput() const {
return CurrentInput;
const std::string &getCurrentFile() const {
assert(!CurrentInput.File.empty() && "No current file!");
return CurrentInput.File;
InputKind getCurrentFileKind() const {
assert(!CurrentInput.File.empty() && "No current file!");
return CurrentInput.Kind;
ASTUnit &getCurrentASTUnit() const {
assert(CurrentASTUnit && "No current AST unit!");
return *CurrentASTUnit;
ASTUnit *takeCurrentASTUnit() {
return CurrentASTUnit.take();
void setCurrentInput(const FrontendInputFile &CurrentInput, ASTUnit *AST = 0);
/// @}
/// @name Supported Modes
/// @{
/// usesPreprocessorOnly - Does this action only use the preprocessor? If so
/// no AST context will be created and this action will be invalid with AST
/// file inputs.
virtual bool usesPreprocessorOnly() const = 0;
/// \brief For AST-based actions, the kind of translation unit we're handling.
virtual TranslationUnitKind getTranslationUnitKind() { return TU_Complete; }
/// hasPCHSupport - Does this action support use with PCH?
virtual bool hasPCHSupport() const { return !usesPreprocessorOnly(); }
/// hasASTFileSupport - Does this action support use with AST files?
virtual bool hasASTFileSupport() const { return !usesPreprocessorOnly(); }
/// hasIRSupport - Does this action support use with IR files?
virtual bool hasIRSupport() const { return false; }
/// hasCodeCompletionSupport - Does this action support use with code
/// completion?
virtual bool hasCodeCompletionSupport() const { return false; }
/// @}
/// @name Public Action Interface
/// @{
/// BeginSourceFile - Prepare the action for processing the input file \arg
/// Filename; this is run after the options and frontend have been
/// initialized, but prior to executing any per-file processing.
/// \param CI - The compiler instance this action is being run from. The
/// action may store and use this object up until the matching EndSourceFile
/// action.
/// \param Input - The input filename and kind. Some input kinds are handled
/// specially, for example AST inputs, since the AST file itself contains
/// several objects which would normally be owned by the
/// CompilerInstance. When processing AST input files, these objects should
/// generally not be initialized in the CompilerInstance -- they will
/// automatically be shared with the AST file in between \see
/// BeginSourceFile() and \see EndSourceFile().
/// \return True on success; on failure the compilation of this file should
/// be aborted and neither Execute nor EndSourceFile should be called.
bool BeginSourceFile(CompilerInstance &CI, const FrontendInputFile &Input);
/// Execute - Set the source managers main input file, and run the action.
bool Execute();
/// EndSourceFile - Perform any per-file post processing, deallocate per-file
/// objects, and run statistics and output file cleanup code.
void EndSourceFile();
/// @}
/// ASTFrontendAction - Abstract base class to use for AST consumer based
/// frontend actions.
class ASTFrontendAction : public FrontendAction {
/// ExecuteAction - Implement the ExecuteAction interface by running Sema on
/// the already initialized AST consumer.
/// This will also take care of instantiating a code completion consumer if
/// the user requested it and the action supports it.
virtual void ExecuteAction();
virtual bool usesPreprocessorOnly() const { return false; }
class PluginASTAction : public ASTFrontendAction {
virtual void anchor();
virtual ASTConsumer *CreateASTConsumer(CompilerInstance &CI,
StringRef InFile) = 0;
/// ParseArgs - Parse the given plugin command line arguments.
/// \param CI - The compiler instance, for use in reporting diagnostics.
/// \return True if the parsing succeeded; otherwise the plugin will be
/// destroyed and no action run. The plugin is responsible for using the
/// CompilerInstance's Diagnostic object to report errors.
virtual bool ParseArgs(const CompilerInstance &CI,
const std::vector<std::string> &arg) = 0;
/// PreprocessorFrontendAction - Abstract base class to use for preprocessor
/// based frontend actions.
class PreprocessorFrontendAction : public FrontendAction {
/// CreateASTConsumer - Provide a default implementation which returns aborts,
/// this method should never be called by FrontendAction clients.
virtual ASTConsumer *CreateASTConsumer(CompilerInstance &CI,
StringRef InFile);
virtual bool usesPreprocessorOnly() const { return true; }
/// WrapperFrontendAction - A frontend action which simply wraps some other
/// runtime specified frontend action. Deriving from this class allows an
/// action to inject custom logic around some existing action's behavior. It
/// implements every virtual method in the FrontendAction interface by
/// forwarding to the wrapped action.
class WrapperFrontendAction : public FrontendAction {
OwningPtr<FrontendAction> WrappedAction;
virtual ASTConsumer *CreateASTConsumer(CompilerInstance &CI,
StringRef InFile);
virtual bool BeginInvocation(CompilerInstance &CI);
virtual bool BeginSourceFileAction(CompilerInstance &CI,
StringRef Filename);
virtual void ExecuteAction();
virtual void EndSourceFileAction();
/// Construct a WrapperFrontendAction from an existing action, taking
/// ownership of it.
WrapperFrontendAction(FrontendAction *WrappedAction);
virtual bool usesPreprocessorOnly() const;
virtual TranslationUnitKind getTranslationUnitKind();
virtual bool hasPCHSupport() const;
virtual bool hasASTFileSupport() const;
virtual bool hasIRSupport() const;
virtual bool hasCodeCompletionSupport() const;
} // end namespace clang