Remove CXXRecordDecl flags which are unused after r158289.

We need an efficient mechanism to determine whether a defaulted default
constructor is constexpr, in order to determine whether a class is a literal
type, so keep the incrementally-built form on CXXRecordDecl. Remove the
on-demand computation of same, so that we only have one method for determining
whether a default constructor is constexpr. This doesn't affect correctness,
since default constructor lookup is much simpler than selecting a constructor
for copying or moving.

We don't need a corresponding mechanism for defaulted copy or move constructors,
since they can't affect whether a type is a literal type. Conversely, checking
whether such functions are constexpr can require non-trivial effort, so we defer
such checks until the copy or move constructor is required.

Thus we now only compute whether a copy or move constructor is constexpr on
demand, and only compute whether a default constructor is constexpr in advance.
This is unfortunate, but seems like the best solution.

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