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//===- OperationKinds.h - Operation enums -----------------------*- C++ -*-===//
// The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
// This file enumerates the different kinds of operations that can be
// performed by various expressions.
namespace clang {
/// CastKind - The kind of operation required for a conversion.
enum CastKind {
/// CK_Dependent - A conversion which cannot yet be analyzed because
/// either the expression or target type is dependent. These are
/// created only for explicit casts; dependent ASTs aren't required
/// to even approximately type-check.
/// (T*) malloc(sizeof(T))
/// reinterpret_cast<intptr_t>(A<T>::alloc());
/// CK_BitCast - A conversion which causes a bit pattern of one type
/// to be reinterpreted as a bit pattern of another type. Generally
/// the operands must have equivalent size and unrelated types.
/// The pointer conversion char* -> int* is a bitcast. A conversion
/// from any pointer type to a C pointer type is a bitcast unless
/// it's actually BaseToDerived or DerivedToBase. A conversion to a
/// block pointer or ObjC pointer type is a bitcast only if the
/// operand has the same type kind; otherwise, it's one of the
/// specialized casts below.
/// Vector coercions are bitcasts.
/// CK_LValueBitCast - A conversion which reinterprets the address of
/// an l-value as an l-value of a different kind. Used for
/// reinterpret_casts of l-value expressions to reference types.
/// bool b; reinterpret_cast<char&>(b) = 'a';
/// CK_LValueToRValue - A conversion which causes the extraction of
/// an r-value from the operand gl-value. The result of an r-value
/// conversion is always unqualified.
/// CK_NoOp - A conversion which does not affect the type other than
/// (possibly) adding qualifiers.
/// int -> int
/// char** -> const char * const *
/// CK_BaseToDerived - A conversion from a C++ class pointer/reference
/// to a derived class pointer/reference.
/// B *b = static_cast<B*>(a);
/// CK_DerivedToBase - A conversion from a C++ class pointer
/// to a base class pointer.
/// A *a = new B();
/// CK_UncheckedDerivedToBase - A conversion from a C++ class
/// pointer/reference to a base class that can assume that the
/// derived pointer is not null.
/// const A &a = B();
/// b->method_from_a();
/// CK_Dynamic - A C++ dynamic_cast.
/// CK_ToUnion - The GCC cast-to-union extension.
/// int -> union { int x; float y; }
/// float -> union { int x; float y; }
/// CK_ArrayToPointerDecay - Array to pointer decay.
/// int[10] -> int*
/// char[5][6] -> char(*)[6]
/// CK_FunctionToPointerDecay - Function to pointer decay.
/// void(int) -> void(*)(int)
/// CK_NullToPointer - Null pointer constant to pointer, ObjC
/// pointer, or block pointer.
/// (void*) 0
/// void (^block)() = 0;
/// CK_NullToMemberPointer - Null pointer constant to member pointer.
/// int A::*mptr = 0;
/// int (A::*fptr)(int) = nullptr;
/// CK_BaseToDerivedMemberPointer - Member pointer in base class to
/// member pointer in derived class.
/// int B::*mptr = &A::member;
/// CK_DerivedToBaseMemberPointer - Member pointer in derived class to
/// member pointer in base class.
/// int A::*mptr = static_cast<int A::*>(&B::member);
/// CK_MemberPointerToBoolean - Member pointer to boolean. A check
/// against the null member pointer.
/// CK_ReinterpretMemberPointer - Reinterpret a member pointer as a
/// different kind of member pointer. C++ forbids this from
/// crossing between function and object types, but otherwise does
/// not restrict it. However, the only operation that is permitted
/// on a "punned" member pointer is casting it back to the original
/// type, which is required to be a lossless operation (although
/// many ABIs do not guarantee this on all possible intermediate types).
/// CK_UserDefinedConversion - Conversion using a user defined type
/// conversion function.
/// struct A { operator int(); }; int i = int(A());
/// CK_ConstructorConversion - Conversion by constructor.
/// struct A { A(int); }; A a = A(10);
/// CK_IntegralToPointer - Integral to pointer. A special kind of
/// reinterpreting conversion. Applies to normal, ObjC, and block
/// pointers.
/// (char*) 0x1001aab0
/// reinterpret_cast<int*>(0)
/// CK_PointerToIntegral - Pointer to integral. A special kind of
/// reinterpreting conversion. Applies to normal, ObjC, and block
/// pointers.
/// (intptr_t) "help!"
/// CK_PointerToBoolean - Pointer to boolean conversion. A check
/// against null. Applies to normal, ObjC, and block pointers.
/// CK_ToVoid - Cast to void, discarding the computed value.
/// (void) malloc(2048)
/// CK_VectorSplat - A conversion from an arithmetic type to a
/// vector of that element type. Fills all elements ("splats") with
/// the source value.
/// __attribute__((ext_vector_type(4))) int v = 5;
/// CK_IntegralCast - A cast between integral types (other than to
/// boolean). Variously a bitcast, a truncation, a sign-extension,
/// or a zero-extension.
/// long l = 5;
/// (unsigned) i
/// CK_IntegralToBoolean - Integral to boolean. A check against zero.
/// (bool) i
/// CK_IntegralToFloating - Integral to floating point.
/// float f = i;
/// CK_FloatingToIntegral - Floating point to integral. Rounds
/// towards zero, discarding any fractional component.
/// (int) f
/// CK_FloatingToBoolean - Floating point to boolean.
/// (bool) f
/// CK_FloatingCast - Casting between floating types of different size.
/// (double) f
/// (float) ld
/// CK_CPointerToObjCPointerCast - Casting a C pointer kind to an
/// Objective-C pointer.
/// CK_BlockPointerToObjCPointerCast - Casting a block pointer to an
/// ObjC pointer.
/// CK_AnyPointerToBlockPointerCast - Casting any non-block pointer
/// to a block pointer. Block-to-block casts are bitcasts.
/// \brief Converting between two Objective-C object types, which
/// can occur when performing reference binding to an Objective-C
/// object.
/// \brief A conversion of a floating point real to a floating point
/// complex of the original type. Injects the value as the real
/// component with a zero imaginary component.
/// float -> _Complex float
/// \brief Converts a floating point complex to floating point real
/// of the source's element type. Just discards the imaginary
/// component.
/// _Complex long double -> long double
/// \brief Converts a floating point complex to bool by comparing
/// against 0+0i.
/// \brief Converts between different floating point complex types.
/// _Complex float -> _Complex double
/// \brief Converts from a floating complex to an integral complex.
/// _Complex float -> _Complex int
/// \brief Converts from an integral real to an integral complex
/// whose element type matches the source. Injects the value as
/// the real component with a zero imaginary component.
/// long -> _Complex long
/// \brief Converts an integral complex to an integral real of the
/// source's element type by discarding the imaginary component.
/// _Complex short -> short
/// \brief Converts an integral complex to bool by comparing against
/// 0+0i.
/// \brief Converts between different integral complex types.
/// _Complex char -> _Complex long long
/// _Complex unsigned int -> _Complex signed int
/// \brief Converts from an integral complex to a floating complex.
/// _Complex unsigned -> _Complex float
/// \brief [ARC] Produces a retainable object pointer so that it may
/// be consumed, e.g. by being passed to a consuming parameter.
/// Calls objc_retain.
/// \brief [ARC] Consumes a retainable object pointer that has just
/// been produced, e.g. as the return value of a retaining call.
/// Enters a cleanup to call objc_release at some indefinite time.
/// \brief [ARC] Reclaim a retainable object pointer object that may
/// have been produced and autoreleased as part of a function return
/// sequence.
/// \brief [ARC] Causes a value of block type to be copied to the
/// heap, if it is not already there. A number of other operations
/// in ARC cause blocks to be copied; this is for cases where that
/// would not otherwise be guaranteed, such as when casting to a
/// non-block pointer type.
/// \brief Converts from _Atomic(T) to T.
/// \brief Converts from T to _Atomic(T).
/// \brief Causes a block literal to by copied to the heap and then
/// autoreleased.
/// This particular cast kind is used for the conversion from a C++11
/// lambda expression to a block pointer.
#define CK_Invalid ((CastKind) -1)
enum BinaryOperatorKind {
// Operators listed in order of precedence.
// Note that additions to this should also update the StmtVisitor class.
BO_PtrMemD, BO_PtrMemI, // [C++ 5.5] Pointer-to-member operators.
BO_Mul, BO_Div, BO_Rem, // [C99 6.5.5] Multiplicative operators.
BO_Add, BO_Sub, // [C99 6.5.6] Additive operators.
BO_Shl, BO_Shr, // [C99 6.5.7] Bitwise shift operators.
BO_LT, BO_GT, BO_LE, BO_GE, // [C99 6.5.8] Relational operators.
BO_EQ, BO_NE, // [C99 6.5.9] Equality operators.
BO_And, // [C99 6.5.10] Bitwise AND operator.
BO_Xor, // [C99 6.5.11] Bitwise XOR operator.
BO_Or, // [C99 6.5.12] Bitwise OR operator.
BO_LAnd, // [C99 6.5.13] Logical AND operator.
BO_LOr, // [C99 6.5.14] Logical OR operator.
BO_Assign, BO_MulAssign, // [C99 6.5.16] Assignment operators.
BO_DivAssign, BO_RemAssign,
BO_AddAssign, BO_SubAssign,
BO_ShlAssign, BO_ShrAssign,
BO_AndAssign, BO_XorAssign,
BO_Comma // [C99 6.5.17] Comma operator.
enum UnaryOperatorKind {
// Note that additions to this should also update the StmtVisitor class.
UO_PostInc, UO_PostDec, // [C99] Postfix increment and decrement
UO_PreInc, UO_PreDec, // [C99] Prefix increment and decrement
UO_AddrOf, UO_Deref, // [C99] Address and indirection
UO_Plus, UO_Minus, // [C99] Unary arithmetic
UO_Not, UO_LNot, // [C99] Unary arithmetic
UO_Real, UO_Imag, // "__real expr"/"__imag expr" Extension.
UO_Extension // __extension__ marker.
/// \brief The kind of bridging performed by the Objective-C bridge cast.
enum ObjCBridgeCastKind {
/// \brief Bridging via __bridge, which does nothing but reinterpret
/// the bits.
/// \brief Bridging via __bridge_transfer, which transfers ownership of an
/// Objective-C pointer into ARC.
/// \brief Bridging via __bridge_retain, which makes an ARC object available
/// as a +1 C pointer.