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// RUN: %clang_cc1 -std=c++11 -fsyntax-only -verify %s
template<typename T>
class unique_ptr {
T *ptr;
unique_ptr(const unique_ptr&) = delete; // expected-note 3{{function has been explicitly marked deleted here}}
unique_ptr &operator=(const unique_ptr&) = delete; // expected-note{{candidate function has been explicitly deleted}}
unique_ptr() : ptr(0) { }
unique_ptr(unique_ptr &&other) : ptr(other.ptr) { other.ptr = 0; }
explicit unique_ptr(T *ptr) : ptr(ptr) { }
~unique_ptr() { delete ptr; }
unique_ptr &operator=(unique_ptr &&other) { // expected-note{{candidate function not viable: no known conversion from 'unique_ptr<int>' to 'unique_ptr<int> &&' for 1st argument}}
if (this == &other)
return *this;
delete ptr;
ptr = other.ptr;
other.ptr = 0;
return *this;
template<typename T>
struct remove_reference {
typedef T type;
template<typename T>
struct remove_reference<T&> {
typedef T type;
template<typename T>
struct remove_reference<T&&> {
typedef T type;
template <class T> typename remove_reference<T>::type&& move(T&& t) {
return static_cast<typename remove_reference<T>::type&&>(t);
template <class T> T&& forward(typename remove_reference<T>::type& t) {
return static_cast<T&&>(t);
template <class T> T&& forward(typename remove_reference<T>::type&& t) {
return static_cast<T&&>(t);
template<typename T, typename ...Args>
unique_ptr<T> make_unique_ptr(Args &&...args) {
return unique_ptr<T>(new T(forward<Args>(args)...));
template<typename T> void accept_unique_ptr(unique_ptr<T>); // expected-note{{passing argument to parameter here}}
unique_ptr<int> test_unique_ptr() {
// Simple construction
unique_ptr<int> p;
unique_ptr<int> p1(new int);
// Move construction
unique_ptr<int> p2(make_unique_ptr<int>(17));
unique_ptr<int> p3 = make_unique_ptr<int>(17);
// Copy construction (failures)
unique_ptr<int> p4(p); // expected-error{{call to deleted constructor of 'unique_ptr<int>'}}
unique_ptr<int> p5 = p; // expected-error{{call to deleted constructor of 'unique_ptr<int>'}}
// Move assignment
p2 = move(p);
p2 = make_unique_ptr<int>(0);
// Copy assignment (failures);
p2 = p3; // expected-error{{overload resolution selected deleted operator '='}}
// Implicit copies
// Implicit copies (failures);
accept_unique_ptr(p); // expected-error{{call to deleted constructor of 'unique_ptr<int>'}}
return p;
namespace perfect_forwarding {
struct A { };
struct F0 {
void operator()(A&, const A&, A&&, const A&&, A&&, const A&&); // expected-note{{candidate function not viable: 5th argument ('const perfect_forwarding::A') would lose const qualifier}}
template<typename F, typename ...Args>
void forward(F f, Args &&...args) {
f(static_cast<Args&&>(args)...); // expected-error{{no matching function for call to object of type 'perfect_forwarding::F0'}}
template<typename T> T get();
void test_forward() {
forward(F0(), get<A&>(), get<A const&>(), get<A>(), get<const A>(),
get<A&&>(), get<const A&&>());
forward(F0(), get<A&>(), get<A const&>(), get<A>(), get<const A>(), // expected-note{{in instantiation of function template specialization 'perfect_forwarding::forward<perfect_forwarding::F0, perfect_forwarding::A &, const perfect_forwarding::A &, perfect_forwarding::A, const perfect_forwarding::A, const perfect_forwarding::A, const perfect_forwarding::A>' requested here}}
get<const A&&>(), get<const A&&>());