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// RUN: %clang_cc1 -fsyntax-only -verify %s
// FIXME: The diagnostics and recovery here are very, very poor.
// PR10355
template<typename T> void template_id1() { // expected-note {{'template_id1' declared here}} \
// expected-note {{possible target for call}}
template_id2<> t; // expected-error {{no template named 'template_id2'; did you mean 'template_id1'?}} \
// expected-error {{expected ';' after expression}} \
// expected-error {{reference to overloaded function could not be resolved; did you mean to call it?}} \
// expected-error {{use of undeclared identifier 't'}}
// FIXME: It would be nice if we could get this correction right.
namespace PR12297 {
namespace A {
typedef short T;
namespace B {
typedef short T;
T global(); // expected-note {{'A::B::global' declared here}}
using namespace A::B;
T A::global(); // expected-error {{out-of-line definition of 'global' does not match any declaration in namespace 'PR12297::A'; did you mean 'A::B::global'?}}