[analyzer] Be more forgiving about calling methods on struct rvalues.

The problem is that the value of 'this' in a C++ member function call
should always be a region (or NULL). However, if the object is an rvalue,
it has no associated region (only a conjured symbol or LazyCompoundVal).
For now, we handle this in two ways:

1) Actually respect MaterializeTemporaryExpr. Before, it was relying on
   CXXConstructExpr to create temporary regions for all struct values.
   Now it just does the right thing: if the value is not in a temporary
   region, create one.

2) Have CallEvent recognize the case where its 'this' pointer is a
   non-region, and just return UnknownVal to keep from confusing clients.

The long-term problem is being tracked internally in <rdar://problem/12137950>,
but this makes many test cases pass.

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