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//===--- Compilation.h - Compilation Task Data Structure --------*- C++ -*-===//
// The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
#include "clang/Driver/Job.h"
#include "clang/Driver/Util.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/DenseMap.h"
#include "llvm/Support/Path.h"
namespace clang {
namespace driver {
class DerivedArgList;
class Driver;
class InputArgList;
class JobList;
class ToolChain;
/// Compilation - A set of tasks to perform for a single driver
/// invocation.
class Compilation {
/// The driver we were created by.
const Driver &TheDriver;
/// The default tool chain.
const ToolChain &DefaultToolChain;
/// The original (untranslated) input argument list.
InputArgList *Args;
/// The driver translated arguments. Note that toolchains may perform their
/// own argument translation.
DerivedArgList *TranslatedArgs;
/// The list of actions.
ActionList Actions;
/// The root list of jobs.
JobList Jobs;
/// Cache of translated arguments for a particular tool chain and bound
/// architecture.
llvm::DenseMap<std::pair<const ToolChain*, const char*>,
DerivedArgList*> TCArgs;
/// Temporary files which should be removed on exit.
ArgStringList TempFiles;
/// Result files which should be removed on failure.
ArgStringList ResultFiles;
/// Result files which are generated correctly on failure, and which should
/// only be removed if we crash.
ArgStringList FailureResultFiles;
/// Redirection for stdout, stderr, etc.
const llvm::sys::Path **Redirects;
Compilation(const Driver &D, const ToolChain &DefaultToolChain,
InputArgList *Args, DerivedArgList *TranslatedArgs);
const Driver &getDriver() const { return TheDriver; }
const ToolChain &getDefaultToolChain() const { return DefaultToolChain; }
const InputArgList &getInputArgs() const { return *Args; }
const DerivedArgList &getArgs() const { return *TranslatedArgs; }
DerivedArgList &getArgs() { return *TranslatedArgs; }
ActionList &getActions() { return Actions; }
const ActionList &getActions() const { return Actions; }
JobList &getJobs() { return Jobs; }
const JobList &getJobs() const { return Jobs; }
void addCommand(Command *C) { Jobs.addJob(C); }
const ArgStringList &getTempFiles() const { return TempFiles; }
const ArgStringList &getResultFiles() const { return ResultFiles; }
const ArgStringList &getFailureResultFiles() const {
return FailureResultFiles;
/// Returns the sysroot path.
StringRef getSysRoot() const;
/// getArgsForToolChain - Return the derived argument list for the
/// tool chain \arg TC (or the default tool chain, if TC is not
/// specified).
/// \param BoundArch - The bound architecture name, or 0.
const DerivedArgList &getArgsForToolChain(const ToolChain *TC,
const char *BoundArch);
/// addTempFile - Add a file to remove on exit, and returns its
/// argument.
const char *addTempFile(const char *Name) {
return Name;
/// addResultFile - Add a file to remove on failure, and returns its
/// argument.
const char *addResultFile(const char *Name) {
return Name;
/// addFailureResultFile - Add a file to remove if we crash, and returns its
/// argument.
const char *addFailureResultFile(const char *Name) {
return Name;
/// CleanupFileList - Remove the files in the given list.
/// \param IssueErrors - Report failures as errors.
/// \return Whether all files were removed successfully.
bool CleanupFileList(const ArgStringList &Files,
bool IssueErrors=false) const;
/// PrintJob - Print one job in -### format.
/// \param OS - The stream to print on.
/// \param J - The job to print.
/// \param Terminator - A string to print at the end of the line.
/// \param Quote - Should separate arguments be quoted.
void PrintJob(raw_ostream &OS, const Job &J,
const char *Terminator, bool Quote) const;
/// ExecuteCommand - Execute an actual command.
/// \param FailingCommand - For non-zero results, this will be set to the
/// Command which failed, if any.
/// \return The result code of the subprocess.
int ExecuteCommand(const Command &C, const Command *&FailingCommand) const;
/// ExecuteJob - Execute a single job.
/// \param FailingCommand - For non-zero results, this will be set to the
/// Command which failed.
/// \return The accumulated result code of the job.
int ExecuteJob(const Job &J, const Command *&FailingCommand) const;
/// initCompilationForDiagnostics - Remove stale state and suppress output
/// so compilation can be reexecuted to generate additional diagnostic
/// information (e.g., preprocessed source(s)).
void initCompilationForDiagnostics();
} // end namespace driver
} // end namespace clang