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//===--- ASTMatchFinder.h - Structural query framework ----------*- C++ -*-===//
// The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
// Provides a way to construct an ASTConsumer that runs given matchers
// over the AST and invokes a given callback on every match.
// The general idea is to construct a matcher expression that describes a
// subtree match on the AST. Next, a callback that is executed every time the
// expression matches is registered, and the matcher is run over the AST of
// some code. Matched subexpressions can be bound to string IDs and easily
// be accessed from the registered callback. The callback can than use the
// AST nodes that the subexpressions matched on to output information about
// the match or construct changes that can be applied to the code.
// Example:
// class HandleMatch : public MatchFinder::MatchCallback {
// public:
// virtual void Run(const MatchFinder::MatchResult &Result) {
// const CXXRecordDecl *Class =
// Result.Nodes.GetDeclAs<CXXRecordDecl>("id");
// ...
// }
// };
// int main(int argc, char **argv) {
// ClangTool Tool(argc, argv);
// MatchFinder finder;
// finder.AddMatcher(Id("id", record(hasName("::a_namespace::AClass"))),
// new HandleMatch);
// return Tool.Run(newFrontendActionFactory(&finder));
// }
#include "clang/ASTMatchers/ASTMatchers.h"
namespace clang {
namespace ast_matchers {
/// \brief A class to allow finding matches over the Clang AST.
/// After creation, you can add multiple matchers to the MatchFinder via
/// calls to addMatcher(...).
/// Once all matchers are added, newASTConsumer() returns an ASTConsumer
/// that will trigger the callbacks specified via addMatcher(...) when a match
/// is found.
/// See ASTMatchers.h for more information about how to create matchers.
/// Not intended to be subclassed.
class MatchFinder {
/// \brief Contains all information for a given match.
/// Every time a match is found, the MatchFinder will invoke the registered
/// MatchCallback with a MatchResult containing information about the match.
struct MatchResult {
MatchResult(const BoundNodes &Nodes, clang::ASTContext *Context);
/// \brief Contains the nodes bound on the current match.
/// This allows user code to easily extract matched AST nodes.
const BoundNodes Nodes;
/// \brief Utilities for interpreting the matched AST structures.
/// @{
clang::ASTContext * const Context;
clang::SourceManager * const SourceManager;
/// @}
/// \brief Called when the Match registered for it was successfully found
/// in the AST.
class MatchCallback {
virtual ~MatchCallback();
virtual void run(const MatchResult &Result) = 0;
/// \brief Called when parsing is finished. Intended for testing only.
class ParsingDoneTestCallback {
virtual ~ParsingDoneTestCallback();
virtual void run() = 0;
/// \brief Adds a matcher to execute when running over the AST.
/// Calls 'Action' with the BoundNodes on every match.
/// Adding more than one 'NodeMatch' allows finding different matches in a
/// single pass over the AST.
/// Does not take ownership of 'Action'.
/// @{
void addMatcher(const DeclarationMatcher &NodeMatch,
MatchCallback *Action);
void addMatcher(const TypeMatcher &NodeMatch,
MatchCallback *Action);
void addMatcher(const StatementMatcher &NodeMatch,
MatchCallback *Action);
/// @}
/// \brief Creates a clang ASTConsumer that finds all matches.
clang::ASTConsumer *newASTConsumer();
/// \brief Registers a callback to notify the end of parsing.
/// The provided closure is called after parsing is done, before the AST is
/// traversed. Useful for benchmarking.
/// Each call to FindAll(...) will call the closure once.
void registerTestCallbackAfterParsing(ParsingDoneTestCallback *ParsingDone);
/// \brief The MatchCallback*'s will be called every time the
/// UntypedBaseMatcher matches on the AST.
std::vector< std::pair<
const internal::UntypedBaseMatcher*,
MatchCallback*> > Triggers;
/// \brief Called when parsing is done.
ParsingDoneTestCallback *ParsingDone;
} // end namespace ast_matchers
} // end namespace clang