Updating RenderScript

For the latest version of this doc, please make sure to visit: Android RenderScript Prebuilts Doc

Updating LLVM Libraries

Loop over llvm, clang, compiler-rt (in this order):

  1. Do a squashed merge of aosp/dev to aosp/master.

     repo start update .
     git fetch aosp dev
     git merge --squash aosp/dev
     git commit -a
     repo upload .
  2. Test everything before submitting the patch from the previous step.

  3. Grab the squashed commit and replay it in aosp/dev.

     repo sync .
     git remote update
     git branch -D clean_master
     git checkout -b clean_master aosp/master
     git checkout working_dev

    Use -s ours to ensure that we skip the squashed set of changes. If/when we forget this, we have to do it later.

     git merge -s ours clean_master
     git push aosp refs/heads/working_dev:refs/heads/dev
     git branch -D clean_master
  4. Clean up after our working branch.

     git checkout --detach
     git branch -D working_dev

This works better because we can keep full history in aosp/dev, while maintaining easy reverts/commits through aosp/master.

Generating New Prebuilts

  1. Set RS_LLVM_PREBUILTS_VERSION in build/core/clang/config.mk to the latest prebuilts generated for this rebase, or to the latest platform version if no new prebuilts were generated.

  2. Iteratively attempt to build the platform and fix any API differences in frameworks/compile/slang, and/or frameworks/compile/libbcc. This may entail updating the various snapshots of Bitcode Readers/Writers.

  3. Update RenderScript prebuilts.

     cd $ANDROID_BUILD_TOP/frameworks/rs
  4. The prebuilts get copied to prebuilts/sdk, so we must upload the relevant bits from there.

     cd $ANDROID_BUILD_TOP/prebuilts/sdk
     git commit -a
     repo upload .
  5. Submit CLs.

Testing Checklist

  1. Go to external/llvm and run ./android_test.sh (no known failures as of 2015-10-08).
  2. Ensure successful build for all architectures: 32- and 64- bit ARM, x86 and Mips.
  3. Run 32- and 64- bit RenderScript CTS at least for ARM and AArch64.
  4. Test RenderScript apps: RsTest, ImageProcessing, and finally RSTest_Compatlib in compatibility mode.
  5. Test old APKs with rebased tools: grab the above apps from a different tree (i.e. without the rebase), push them to a device with the rebased tools, and test. This ensures that the rebased BitcodeReader can read the output of old BitcodeWriters.
  6. Test new APKs on an old device: test freshly built APKs for RSTest_V{11,14,16}, and ImageProcessing_2 on an old device (say Manta) and ensure they pass. This ensures that the rebase did not break the 2.9 and 3.2 BitcodeWriters.

Checklist for CLs

The following projects will almost always have CLs as a part of the rebase. Depending on the changes in LLVM, there might be updates to other projects as well.

  • External projects

    • external/clang
    • external/compiler-rt
    • external/llvm
    • frameworks/compile/mclinker
  • RenderScript projects

    • frameworks/compile/libbcc
    • frameworks/compile/slang
    • frameworks/rs
  • Prebuilts

    • prebuilts/sdk
  • CTS tests

    • cts/tests/tests/renderscript
    • cts/tests/tests/renderscriptlegacy
    • cts/tests/tests/rscpp