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//==--- - diagnostics related to comments -------===//
// The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
let Component = "Comment" in {
let CategoryName = "Documentation Issue" in {
// HTML parsing errors. These are under -Wdocumentation to make sure the user
// knows that we didn't parse something as he might expect.
def warn_doc_html_open_tag_expected_quoted_string : Warning<
"expected quoted string after equals sign">,
InGroup<Documentation>, DefaultIgnore;
def warn_doc_html_open_tag_expected_ident_or_greater : Warning<
"HTML opening tag prematurely ended, expected attribute name or '>'">,
InGroup<Documentation>, DefaultIgnore;
def note_doc_html_tag_started_here : Note<
"HTML tag started here">;
// HTML semantic errors
def warn_doc_html_close_forbidden : Warning<
"HTML closing tag '%0' is forbidden">,
InGroup<DocumentationHTML>, DefaultIgnore;
def warn_doc_html_close_unbalanced : Warning<
"HTML closing tag does not match any opening tag">,
InGroup<DocumentationHTML>, DefaultIgnore;
def warn_doc_html_open_close_mismatch : Warning<
"HTML opening tag '%0' closed by '%1'">,
InGroup<DocumentationHTML>, DefaultIgnore;
def note_doc_html_closing_tag : Note<
"closing tag">;
// Commands
def warn_doc_block_command_empty_paragraph : Warning<
"empty paragraph passed to '\\%0' command">,
InGroup<Documentation>, DefaultIgnore;
// \param command
def warn_doc_param_invalid_direction : Warning<
"unrecognized parameter passing direction, "
"valid directions are '[in]', '[out]' and '[in,out]'">,
InGroup<Documentation>, DefaultIgnore;
def warn_doc_param_spaces_in_direction : Warning<
"whitespace is not allowed in parameter passing direction">,
InGroup<DocumentationPedantic>, DefaultIgnore;
def warn_doc_param_not_attached_to_a_function_decl : Warning<
"'\\param' command used in a comment that is not attached to "
"a function declaration">,
InGroup<Documentation>, DefaultIgnore;
def warn_doc_param_not_found : Warning<
"parameter '%0' not found in the function declaration">,
InGroup<Documentation>, DefaultIgnore;
def note_doc_param_name_suggestion : Note<
"did you mean '%0'?">;
} // end of documentation issue category
} // end of AST component