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//===--- CheckerRegistry.h - Maintains all available checkers ---*- C++ -*-===//
// The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
#include "clang/StaticAnalyzer/Core/CheckerManager.h"
#include "clang/Basic/LLVM.h"
#include <vector>
// FIXME: move this information to an HTML file in docs/.
// At the very least, a checker plugin is a dynamic library that exports
// clang_analyzerAPIVersionString. This should be defined as follows:
// extern "C"
// const char clang_analyzerAPIVersionString[] =
// This is used to check whether the current version of the analyzer is known to
// be incompatible with a plugin. Plugins with incompatible version strings,
// or without a version string at all, will not be loaded.
// To add a custom checker to the analyzer, the plugin must also define the
// function clang_registerCheckers. For example:
// extern "C"
// void clang_registerCheckers (CheckerRegistry &registry) {
// registry.addChecker<MainCallChecker>("example.MainCallChecker",
// "Disallows calls to functions called main");
// }
// The first method argument is the full name of the checker, including its
// enclosing package. By convention, the registered name of a checker is the
// name of the associated class (the template argument).
// The second method argument is a short human-readable description of the
// checker.
// The clang_registerCheckers function may add any number of checkers to the
// registry. If any checkers require additional initialization, use the three-
// argument form of CheckerRegistry::addChecker.
// To load a checker plugin, specify the full path to the dynamic library as
// the argument to the -load option in the cc1 frontend. You can then enable
// your custom checker using the -analyzer-checker:
// clang -cc1 -load </path/to/plugin.dylib> -analyze
// -analyzer-checker=<example.MainCallChecker>
// For a complete working example, see examples/analyzer-plugin.
namespace clang {
namespace ento {
// FIXME: The Clang version string is not particularly granular;
// the analyzer infrastructure can change a lot between releases.
// Unfortunately, this string has to be statically embedded in each plugin,
// so we can't just use the functions defined in Version.h.
#include "clang/Basic/Version.h"
class CheckerOptInfo;
/// Manages a set of available checkers for running a static analysis.
/// The checkers are organized into packages by full name, where including
/// a package will recursively include all subpackages and checkers within it.
/// For example, the checker "core.builtin.NoReturnFunctionChecker" will be
/// included if initializeManager() is called with an option of "core",
/// "core.builtin", or the full name "core.builtin.NoReturnFunctionChecker".
class CheckerRegistry {
/// Initialization functions perform any necessary setup for a checker.
/// They should include a call to CheckerManager::registerChecker.
typedef void (*InitializationFunction)(CheckerManager &);
struct CheckerInfo {
InitializationFunction Initialize;
StringRef FullName;
StringRef Desc;
CheckerInfo(InitializationFunction fn, StringRef name, StringRef desc)
: Initialize(fn), FullName(name), Desc(desc) {}
typedef std::vector<CheckerInfo> CheckerInfoList;
template <typename T>
static void initializeManager(CheckerManager &mgr) {
/// Adds a checker to the registry. Use this non-templated overload when your
/// checker requires custom initialization.
void addChecker(InitializationFunction fn, StringRef fullName,
StringRef desc);
/// Adds a checker to the registry. Use this templated overload when your
/// checker does not require any custom initialization.
template <class T>
void addChecker(StringRef fullName, StringRef desc) {
// Avoid MSVC's Compiler Error C2276:
addChecker(&CheckerRegistry::initializeManager<T>, fullName, desc);
/// Initializes a CheckerManager by calling the initialization functions for
/// all checkers specified by the given CheckerOptInfo list. The order of this
/// list is significant; later options can be used to reverse earlier ones.
/// This can be used to exclude certain checkers in an included package.
void initializeManager(CheckerManager &mgr,
SmallVectorImpl<CheckerOptInfo> &opts) const;
/// Prints the name and description of all checkers in this registry.
/// This output is not intended to be machine-parseable.
void printHelp(raw_ostream &out, size_t maxNameChars = 30) const ;
mutable CheckerInfoList Checkers;
mutable llvm::StringMap<size_t> Packages;
} // end namespace ento
} // end namespace clang