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// RUN: %clang -target mipsel-unknown-linux -ccc-clang-archs mipsel -S -o - -emit-llvm %s
// This checks that the frontend will accept inline asm constraints
// c', 'l' and 'x'. Semantic checking will happen in the
// llvm backend. Any bad constraint letters will cause the frontend to
// error out.
int main()
// 'c': 16 bit address register for Mips16, GPR for all others
// I am using 'c' to constrain both the target and one of the source
// registers. We are looking for syntactical correctness.
int __s, __v = 17;
int __t;
__asm__ __volatile__(
"addi %0,%1,%2 \n\t\t"
: "=c" (__t)
: "c" (__s), "I" (__v));
// 'l': lo register
// We are making it clear that destination register is lo with the
// use of the 'l' constraint ("=l").
int i_temp = 44;
int i_result;
__asm__ __volatile__(
"mtlo %1 \n\t\t"
: "=l" (i_result)
: "r" (i_temp)
: "lo");
// 'x': Combined lo/hi registers
// We are specifying that destination registers are the hi/lo pair with the
// use of the 'x' constraint ("=x").
int i_hi = 3;
int i_lo = 2;
long long ll_result = 0;
__asm__ __volatile__(
"mthi %1 \n\t\t"
"mtlo %2 \n\t\t"
: "=x" (ll_result)
: "r" (i_hi), "r" (i_lo)
: );
return 0;