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# Copyright (c) 2014 Google Inc. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
""" a collection of helper function shared between test on Mac OS X.
import re
import subprocess
__all__ = ['Xcode', 'CheckFileType']
def CheckFileType(test, file, archs):
"""Check that |file| contains exactly |archs| or fails |test|."""
proc = subprocess.Popen(['lipo', '-info', file], stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
o = proc.communicate()[0].strip()
assert not proc.returncode
if len(archs) == 1:
pattern = re.compile('^Non-fat file: (.*) is architecture: (.*)$')
pattern = re.compile('^Architectures in the fat file: (.*) are: (.*)$')
match = pattern.match(o)
if match is None:
print 'Ouput does not match expected pattern: %s' % (pattern.pattern)
found_file, found_archs = match.groups()
if found_file != file or set(found_archs.split()) != set(archs):
print 'Expected file %s with arch %s, got %s with arch %s' % (
file, ' '.join(archs), found_file, found_archs)
class XcodeInfo(object):
"""Simplify access to Xcode informations."""
def __init__(self):
self._cache = {}
def _XcodeVersion(self):
lines = subprocess.check_output(['xcodebuild', '-version']).splitlines()
version = ''.join(lines[0].split()[-1].split('.'))
version = (version + '0' * (3 - len(version))).zfill(4)
return version, lines[-1].split()[-1]
def Version(self):
if 'Version' not in self._cache:
self._cache['Version'], self._cache['Build'] = self._XcodeVersion()
return self._cache['Version']
def Build(self):
if 'Build' not in self._cache:
self._cache['Version'], self._cache['Build'] = self._XcodeVersion()
return self._cache['Build']
def SDKBuild(self):
if 'SDKBuild' not in self._cache:
self._cache['SDKBuild'] = subprocess.check_output(
['xcodebuild', '-version', '-sdk', '', 'ProductBuildVersion'])
self._cache['SDKBuild'] = self._cache['SDKBuild'].rstrip('\n')
return self._cache['SDKBuild']
def SDKVersion(self):
if 'SDKVersion' not in self._cache:
self._cache['SDKVersion'] = subprocess.check_output(
['xcodebuild', '-version', '-sdk', '', 'SDKVersion'])
self._cache['SDKVersion'] = self._cache['SDKVersion'].rstrip('\n')
return self._cache['SDKVersion']
Xcode = XcodeInfo()