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# Copyright (c) 2013 The WebRTC project authors. All Rights Reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license
# that can be found in the LICENSE file in the root of the source
# tree. An additional intellectual property rights grant can be found
# in the file PATENTS. All contributing project authors may
# be found in the AUTHORS file in the root of the source tree.
set -e
# TODO(sjlee): remove this whole script file.
# (
function build_project() {
# make the target string
local target_string=""
if [[ -n "$2" ]]; then
target_string="-target $2"
xcodebuild -project "$1" -sdk iphoneos -arch armv7 \
-configuration ${CONFIGURATION} \
# change the working directory to trunk
cd "$( dirname "$0" )/../.."
# build setting
export GYP_DEFINES="OS=ios target_arch=arm armv7=1 arm_neon=1"
# TODO(sjlee): remove this script.
# (
# update gyp settings
echo '[Updating gyp settings...]'
gclient runhooks
./build/gyp_chromium --depth=. \
./build/gyp_chromium --depth=. \
./build/gyp_chromium --depth=. third_party/opus/opus.gyp
./build/gyp_chromium --depth=. third_party/libyuv/libyuv.gyp
./build/gyp_chromium --depth=. third_party/libjpeg/libjpeg.gyp
# build the xcode projects
echo '[Building xcode projects...]'
build_project "webrtc/modules/remote_bitrate_estimator/remote_bitrate_estimator_components.xcodeproj"
build_project "webrtc/modules/video_coding/utility/video_coding_utility.xcodeproj"
build_project "third_party/opus/opus.xcodeproj" "opus"
build_project "third_party/libjpeg/libjpeg.xcodeproj"
build_project "third_party/libyuv/libyuv.xcodeproj"
# build the libvpx
cd third_party/libvpx/source/libvpx
./configure --target=armv7-darwin-gcc --disable-vp9 \
cd -
cp third_party/libvpx/source/libvpx/libvpx.a \
echo "[Building xcode projects is success...]\n"