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* Copyright 2006 The Android Open Source Project
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef SkBitmapProcShader_DEFINED
#define SkBitmapProcShader_DEFINED
#include "SkShader.h"
#include "SkBitmapProcState.h"
class SkBitmapProcShader : public SkShader {
SkBitmapProcShader(const SkBitmap& src, TileMode tx, TileMode ty);
// overrides from SkShader
virtual bool isOpaque() const SK_OVERRIDE;
virtual bool setContext(const SkBitmap&, const SkPaint&, const SkMatrix&) SK_OVERRIDE;
virtual void endContext() SK_OVERRIDE;
virtual uint32_t getFlags() SK_OVERRIDE { return fFlags; }
virtual void shadeSpan(int x, int y, SkPMColor dstC[], int count) SK_OVERRIDE;
virtual ShadeProc asAShadeProc(void** ctx) SK_OVERRIDE;
virtual void shadeSpan16(int x, int y, uint16_t dstC[], int count) SK_OVERRIDE;
virtual BitmapType asABitmap(SkBitmap*, SkMatrix*, TileMode*) const SK_OVERRIDE;
static bool CanDo(const SkBitmap&, TileMode tx, TileMode ty);
GrEffectRef* asNewEffect(GrContext*, const SkPaint&) const SK_OVERRIDE;
SkBitmapProcShader(SkFlattenableReadBuffer& );
virtual void flatten(SkFlattenableWriteBuffer&) const SK_OVERRIDE;
SkBitmap fRawBitmap; // experimental for RLE encoding
SkBitmapProcState fState;
uint32_t fFlags;
typedef SkShader INHERITED;