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* Copyright 2011 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef GrGeometryBuffer_DEFINED
#define GrGeometryBuffer_DEFINED
#include "GrResource.h"
class GrGpu;
* Parent class for vertex and index buffers
class GrGeometryBuffer : public GrResource {
*Retrieves whether the buffer was created with the dynamic flag
* @return true if the buffer was created with the dynamic flag
bool dynamic() const { return fDynamic; }
* Returns true if the buffer is a wrapper around a CPU array. If true it
* indicates that lock will always succeed and will be free.
bool isCPUBacked() const { return fCPUBacked; }
* Locks the buffer to be written by the CPU.
* The previous content of the buffer is invalidated. It is an error
* to draw from the buffer while it is locked. It is an error to call lock
* on an already locked buffer. It may fail if the backend doesn't support
* locking the buffer. If the buffer is CPU backed then it will always
* succeed and is a free operation. Must be matched by an unlock() call.
* Currently only one lock at a time is supported (no nesting of
* lock/unlock).
* @return a pointer to the data or NULL if the lock fails.
virtual void* lock() = 0;
* Returns the same ptr that lock() returned at time of lock or NULL if the
* is not locked.
* @return ptr to locked buffer data or undefined if buffer is not locked.
virtual void* lockPtr() const = 0;
* Unlocks the buffer.
* The pointer returned by the previous lock call will no longer be valid.
virtual void unlock() = 0;
Queries whether the buffer has been locked.
@return true if the buffer is locked, false otherwise.
virtual bool isLocked() const = 0;
* Updates the buffer data.
* The size of the buffer will be preserved. The src data will be
* placed at the beginning of the buffer and any remaining contents will
* be undefined.
* @return returns true if the update succeeds, false otherwise.
virtual bool updateData(const void* src, size_t srcSizeInBytes) = 0;
// GrResource overrides
virtual size_t sizeInBytes() const { return fSizeInBytes; }
GrGeometryBuffer(GrGpu* gpu, bool isWrapped, size_t sizeInBytes, bool dynamic, bool cpuBacked)
: INHERITED(gpu, isWrapped)
, fSizeInBytes(sizeInBytes)
, fDynamic(dynamic)
, fCPUBacked(cpuBacked) {}
size_t fSizeInBytes;
bool fDynamic;
bool fCPUBacked;
typedef GrResource INHERITED;