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* Copyright 2010 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef GrAtlas_DEFINED
#define GrAtlas_DEFINED
#include "GrPoint.h"
#include "GrTexture.h"
#include "GrDrawTarget.h"
class GrGpu;
class GrRectanizer;
class GrAtlasMgr;
class GrAtlas {
int getPlotX() const { return fPlot.fX; }
int getPlotY() const { return fPlot.fY; }
GrMaskFormat getMaskFormat() const { return fMaskFormat; }
GrTexture* texture() const { return fTexture; }
bool addSubImage(int width, int height, const void*, GrIPoint16*);
static void FreeLList(GrAtlas* atlas) {
while (NULL != atlas) {
GrAtlas* next = atlas->fNext;
delete atlas;
atlas = next;
static bool RemoveUnusedAtlases(GrAtlasMgr* atlasMgr, GrAtlas** startAtlas);
GrDrawTarget::DrawToken drawToken() const { return fDrawToken; }
void setDrawToken(GrDrawTarget::DrawToken draw) { fDrawToken = draw; }
GrAtlas(GrAtlasMgr*, int plotX, int plotY, GrMaskFormat format);
~GrAtlas(); // does not try to delete the fNext field
// for recycling
GrDrawTarget::DrawToken fDrawToken;
GrAtlas* fNext;
GrTexture* fTexture;
GrRectanizer* fRects;
GrAtlasMgr* fAtlasMgr;
GrIPoint16 fPlot;
GrMaskFormat fMaskFormat;
friend class GrAtlasMgr;
class GrPlotMgr;
class GrAtlasMgr {
GrAtlas* addToAtlas(GrAtlas**, int width, int height, const void*,
GrMaskFormat, GrIPoint16*);
void deleteAtlas(GrAtlas* atlas) { delete atlas; }
GrTexture* getTexture(GrMaskFormat format) const {
SkASSERT((unsigned)format < kCount_GrMaskFormats);
return fTexture[format];
// to be called by ~GrAtlas()
void freePlot(GrMaskFormat format, int x, int y);
GrGpu* fGpu;
GrTexture* fTexture[kCount_GrMaskFormats];
GrPlotMgr* fPlotMgr;