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* Copyright 2013 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef SkPdfContext_DEFINED
#define SkPdfContext_DEFINED
#include "SkMatrix.h"
#include "SkPdfGraphicsState.h"
#include "SkPdfNativeTokenizer.h"
#include "SkTDStackNester.h"
#include "SkTypes.h"
class SkCanvas;
class SkPdfNativeDoc;
class SkPdfNativeObject;
* The context of the drawing. The document we draw from, the current stack of
* objects, ...
class SkPdfContext : SkNoncopyable {
// FIXME (scroggo): Add functions for accessing these.
SkTDStackNester<SkPdfNativeObject*> fObjectStack;
SkTDStackNester<SkPdfGraphicsState> fStateStack;
SkPdfGraphicsState fGraphicsState;
SkPdfNativeDoc* fPdfDoc;
SkMatrix fOriginalMatrix;
// Does not take ownership of the doc.
explicit SkPdfContext(SkPdfNativeDoc* doc);
* Parse the stream and draw its commands to the canvas.
* FIXME (scroggo): May not be the best place for this, but leaving here
* for now, since it uses SkPdfContext's members.
void parseStream(SkPdfNativeObject* stream, SkCanvas* canvas);
// FIXME (scroggo): Is this the right place for the allocator?
SkPdfAllocator fTmpPageAllocator;
#endif // SkPdfContext_DEFINED