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How to build (using scons, on Linux):
$ cd ots/test/
$ sudo apt-get install scons g++ libfreetype6-dev
$ scons
How to build (using gyp):
(Note: test programs which require gtest can't build with gyp for now)
1. If you are building OTS on Windows, download zlib from and put them in third_party/zlib.
2. Run gyp_ots
$ ./gyp_ots
This will fetch gyp and generate build files. By default, following
files will be generated:
- MSVS solution file on Windows
- Xcode project file on Mac
- Makefile on Linux
If you want to generate Makefile on Mac, you can use -f option:
$ ./gyp_ots -f make
3. Build OTS
Using MSVS:
Open ots-standalone.sln and build targets.
Using Xcode:
$ xcodebuild -target ots-standalone.xcodeproj -target all
Using Makefile:
$ make