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Name: Freetype
Version: 899c67b6cfcd2010784fbf08c5415af16c526e0c
License: Custom license "inspired by the BSD, Artistic, and IJG (Independent
JPEG Group) licenses"
License File: NOTICE
Security Critical: no
License Android Compatible: yes
This package was copied from Android source tree and just used for Android.
For other platforms, the freetype is normally found outside the Chromium tree;
e.g. on Mac it's in /usr/include
Local Modifications:
We added the gyp file to build it.
Here is the detail steps
1. Checkout Android version of freetype
$ git clone
# Use the following command to checkout this version, or omit it to checkout
# the latest version.
$ git reset --hard <version-listed-above>
2. Copy all files from
3. Update freetype.gyp to reflect any changes made in