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* This file is part of the theme implementation for form controls in WebCore.
* Copyright (C) 2005 Apple Computer, Inc.
* Copyright (C) 2008, 2009 Google, Inc.
* This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU Library General Public
* License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
* version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
* This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* Library General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU Library General Public License
* along with this library; see the file COPYING.LIB. If not, write to
* the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor,
* Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA.
#ifndef RenderThemeChromiumMac_h
#define RenderThemeChromiumMac_h
#import "core/rendering/RenderTheme.h"
#import "wtf/HashMap.h"
#import "wtf/RetainPtr.h"
OBJC_CLASS WebCoreRenderThemeNotificationObserver;
namespace WebCore {
class RenderThemeChromiumMac : public RenderTheme {
static PassRefPtr<RenderTheme> create();
// A method asking if the control changes its tint when the window has focus or not.
virtual bool controlSupportsTints(const RenderObject*) const OVERRIDE;
// A general method asking if any control tinting is supported at all.
virtual bool supportsControlTints() const OVERRIDE { return true; }
virtual void adjustRepaintRect(const RenderObject*, IntRect&) OVERRIDE;
virtual bool isControlStyled(const RenderStyle*, const CachedUAStyle&) const OVERRIDE;
virtual Color platformActiveSelectionBackgroundColor() const OVERRIDE;
virtual Color platformInactiveSelectionBackgroundColor() const OVERRIDE;
virtual Color platformActiveListBoxSelectionBackgroundColor() const OVERRIDE;
virtual Color platformActiveListBoxSelectionForegroundColor() const OVERRIDE;
virtual Color platformInactiveListBoxSelectionBackgroundColor() const OVERRIDE;
virtual Color platformInactiveListBoxSelectionForegroundColor() const OVERRIDE;
virtual Color platformFocusRingColor() const OVERRIDE;
virtual ScrollbarControlSize scrollbarControlSizeForPart(ControlPart) OVERRIDE { return SmallScrollbar; }
virtual void platformColorsDidChange() OVERRIDE;
// System fonts.
virtual void systemFont(CSSValueID, FontDescription&) const OVERRIDE;
virtual int minimumMenuListSize(RenderStyle*) const OVERRIDE;
virtual void adjustSliderThumbSize(RenderStyle*, Element*) const OVERRIDE;
virtual IntSize sliderTickSize() const OVERRIDE;
virtual int sliderTickOffsetFromTrackCenter() const OVERRIDE;
virtual int popupInternalPaddingLeft(RenderStyle*) const OVERRIDE;
virtual int popupInternalPaddingRight(RenderStyle*) const OVERRIDE;
virtual int popupInternalPaddingTop(RenderStyle*) const OVERRIDE;
virtual int popupInternalPaddingBottom(RenderStyle*) const OVERRIDE;
virtual bool paintCapsLockIndicator(RenderObject*, const PaintInfo&, const IntRect&) OVERRIDE;
virtual bool popsMenuByArrowKeys() const OVERRIDE { return true; }
virtual IntSize meterSizeForBounds(const RenderMeter*, const IntRect&) const OVERRIDE;
virtual bool paintMeter(RenderObject*, const PaintInfo&, const IntRect&) OVERRIDE;
virtual bool supportsMeter(ControlPart) const OVERRIDE;
// Returns the repeat interval of the animation for the progress bar.
virtual double animationRepeatIntervalForProgressBar(RenderProgress*) const OVERRIDE;
// Returns the duration of the animation for the progress bar.
virtual double animationDurationForProgressBar(RenderProgress*) const OVERRIDE;
virtual Color systemColor(CSSValueID) const OVERRIDE;
virtual ~RenderThemeChromiumMac();
virtual bool supportsSelectionForegroundColors() const OVERRIDE { return false; }
virtual bool paintTextField(RenderObject*, const PaintInfo&, const IntRect&);
virtual bool paintTextArea(RenderObject*, const PaintInfo&, const IntRect&);
virtual bool paintMenuList(RenderObject*, const PaintInfo&, const IntRect&);
virtual void adjustMenuListStyle(RenderStyle*, Element*) const;
virtual bool paintMenuListButton(RenderObject*, const PaintInfo&, const IntRect&);
virtual void adjustMenuListButtonStyle(RenderStyle*, Element*) const;
virtual bool paintProgressBar(RenderObject*, const PaintInfo&, const IntRect&);
virtual bool paintSliderTrack(RenderObject*, const PaintInfo&, const IntRect&);
virtual bool paintSliderThumb(RenderObject*, const PaintInfo&, const IntRect&);
virtual bool paintSearchField(RenderObject*, const PaintInfo&, const IntRect&);
virtual void adjustSearchFieldStyle(RenderStyle*, Element*) const;
virtual void adjustSearchFieldCancelButtonStyle(RenderStyle*, Element*) const;
virtual bool paintSearchFieldCancelButton(RenderObject*, const PaintInfo&, const IntRect&);
virtual void adjustSearchFieldDecorationStyle(RenderStyle*, Element*) const;
virtual bool paintSearchFieldDecoration(RenderObject*, const PaintInfo&, const IntRect&);
virtual void adjustSearchFieldResultsDecorationStyle(RenderStyle*, Element*) const;
virtual bool paintSearchFieldResultsDecoration(RenderObject*, const PaintInfo&, const IntRect&);
virtual bool supportsClosedCaptioning() const { return true; }
virtual String fileListNameForWidth(Locale&, const FileList*, const Font&, int width) const OVERRIDE;
IntRect inflateRect(const IntRect&, const IntSize&, const int* margins, float zoomLevel = 1.0f) const;
FloatRect convertToPaintingRect(const RenderObject* inputRenderer, const RenderObject* partRenderer, const FloatRect& inputRect, const IntRect&) const;
// Get the control size based off the font. Used by some of the controls (like buttons).
NSControlSize controlSizeForFont(RenderStyle*) const;
NSControlSize controlSizeForSystemFont(RenderStyle*) const;
void setControlSize(NSCell*, const IntSize* sizes, const IntSize& minSize, float zoomLevel = 1.0f);
void setSizeFromFont(RenderStyle*, const IntSize* sizes) const;
IntSize sizeForFont(RenderStyle*, const IntSize* sizes) const;
IntSize sizeForSystemFont(RenderStyle*, const IntSize* sizes) const;
void setFontFromControlSize(RenderStyle*, NSControlSize) const;
void updateCheckedState(NSCell*, const RenderObject*);
void updateEnabledState(NSCell*, const RenderObject*);
void updateFocusedState(NSCell*, const RenderObject*);
void updatePressedState(NSCell*, const RenderObject*);
// Helpers for adjusting appearance and for painting
void setPopupButtonCellState(const RenderObject*, const IntRect&);
const IntSize* popupButtonSizes() const;
const int* popupButtonMargins() const;
const int* popupButtonPadding(NSControlSize) const;
void paintMenuListButtonGradients(RenderObject*, const PaintInfo&, const IntRect&);
const IntSize* menuListSizes() const;
const IntSize* searchFieldSizes() const;
const IntSize* cancelButtonSizes() const;
const IntSize* resultsButtonSizes() const;
void setSearchCellState(RenderObject*, const IntRect&);
void setSearchFieldSize(RenderStyle*) const;
NSPopUpButtonCell* popupButton() const;
NSSearchFieldCell* search() const;
NSMenu* searchMenuTemplate() const;
NSTextFieldCell* textField() const;
NSLevelIndicatorStyle levelIndicatorStyleFor(ControlPart) const;
NSLevelIndicatorCell* levelIndicatorFor(const RenderMeter*) const;
int minimumProgressBarHeight(RenderStyle*) const;
const IntSize* progressBarSizes() const;
const int* progressBarMargins(NSControlSize) const;
virtual void adjustMediaSliderThumbSize(RenderStyle*) const;
virtual bool paintMediaPlayButton(RenderObject*, const PaintInfo&, const IntRect&);
virtual bool paintMediaMuteButton(RenderObject*, const PaintInfo&, const IntRect&);
virtual bool paintMediaSliderTrack(RenderObject*, const PaintInfo&, const IntRect&);
virtual String extraFullScreenStyleSheet();
virtual bool paintMediaSliderThumb(RenderObject*, const PaintInfo&, const IntRect&);
virtual bool paintMediaVolumeSliderContainer(RenderObject*, const PaintInfo&, const IntRect&);
virtual bool paintMediaVolumeSliderTrack(RenderObject*, const PaintInfo&, const IntRect&);
virtual bool paintMediaVolumeSliderThumb(RenderObject*, const PaintInfo&, const IntRect&);
virtual bool hasOwnDisabledStateHandlingFor(ControlPart) const { return true; }
virtual bool usesVerticalVolumeSlider() const { return false; }
virtual String formatMediaControlsTime(float time) const;
virtual String formatMediaControlsCurrentTime(float currentTime, float duration) const;
virtual bool paintMediaFullscreenButton(RenderObject*, const PaintInfo&, const IntRect&);
virtual bool paintMediaToggleClosedCaptionsButton(RenderObject*, const PaintInfo&, const IntRect&);
// Controls color values returned from platformFocusRingColor(). systemColor() will be used when false.
bool usesTestModeFocusRingColor() const;
// A view associated to the contained document. Subclasses may not have such a view and return a fake.
NSView* documentViewFor(RenderObject*) const;
virtual bool shouldUseFallbackTheme(RenderStyle*) const OVERRIDE;
virtual void updateActiveState(NSCell*, const RenderObject*);
virtual String extraDefaultStyleSheet();
virtual bool shouldShowPlaceholderWhenFocused() const OVERRIDE;
mutable RetainPtr<NSPopUpButtonCell> m_popupButton;
mutable RetainPtr<NSSearchFieldCell> m_search;
mutable RetainPtr<NSMenu> m_searchMenuTemplate;
mutable RetainPtr<NSLevelIndicatorCell> m_levelIndicator;
mutable RetainPtr<NSTextFieldCell> m_textField;
mutable HashMap<int, RGBA32> m_systemColorCache;
RetainPtr<WebCoreRenderThemeNotificationObserver> m_notificationObserver;
} // namespace WebCore
#endif // RenderThemeChromiumMac_h