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#ifndef RenderMarquee_h
#define RenderMarquee_h
#include "core/rendering/RenderBlockFlow.h"
#include "core/rendering/style/RenderStyleConstants.h"
#include "platform/Length.h"
#include "platform/Timer.h"
namespace WebCore {
class RenderLayer;
// This class handles the auto-scrolling for <marquee>
class RenderMarquee FINAL : public RenderBlockFlow {
explicit RenderMarquee(Element*);
virtual ~RenderMarquee();
int speed() const { return m_speed; }
int marqueeSpeed() const;
EMarqueeDirection reverseDirection() const { return static_cast<EMarqueeDirection>(-direction()); }
EMarqueeDirection direction() const;
bool isHorizontal() const;
int computePosition(EMarqueeDirection, bool stopAtClientEdge);
void setEnd(int end) { m_end = end; }
void start();
void suspend();
void stop();
// FIXME: This function should be private and called at layout time.
// However <marquee> tests are very timing dependent so we need to keep the existing timing.
void updateMarqueePosition();
virtual const char* renderName() const OVERRIDE FINAL;
virtual bool isMarquee() const OVERRIDE FINAL { return true; }
virtual void styleDidChange(StyleDifference, const RenderStyle* oldStyle) OVERRIDE FINAL;
virtual void layoutBlock(bool relayoutChildren, LayoutUnit pageLogicalHeight = 0) OVERRIDE FINAL;
virtual bool supportsPartialLayout() const OVERRIDE { return false; }
void timerFired(Timer<RenderMarquee>*);
int m_currentLoop;
int m_totalLoops;
Timer<RenderMarquee> m_timer;
int m_start;
int m_end;
int m_speed;
Length m_height;
bool m_reset: 1;
bool m_suspended : 1;
bool m_stopped : 1;
EMarqueeDirection m_direction : 4;
DEFINE_RENDER_OBJECT_TYPE_CASTS(RenderMarquee, isMarquee());
} // namespace WebCore
#endif // RenderMarquee_h