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#ifndef RenderLayerRepainter_h
#define RenderLayerRepainter_h
#include "platform/geometry/LayoutRect.h"
#include "wtf/Noncopyable.h"
namespace WebCore {
enum RepaintStatus {
NeedsNormalRepaint = 0,
NeedsFullRepaint = 1 << 0,
NeedsFullRepaintForPositionedMovementLayout = 1 << 1
class RenderGeometryMap;
class RenderLayer;
class RenderLayerModelObject;
class RenderLayerRepainter {
// Return a cached repaint rect, computed relative to the layer renderer's containerForRepaint.
LayoutRect repaintRect() const { return m_repaintRect; }
LayoutRect repaintRectIncludingNonCompositingDescendants() const;
void repaintAfterLayout(RenderGeometryMap*, bool shouldCheckForRepaint);
void repaintIncludingNonCompositingDescendants(RenderLayerModelObject* repaintContainer);
void repaintIncludingDescendants();
void setRepaintStatus(RepaintStatus status) { m_repaintStatus = status; }
void computeRepaintRects(const RenderLayerModelObject* repaintContainer, const RenderGeometryMap* = 0);
void computeRepaintRectsIncludingDescendants();
// Indicate that the layer contents need to be repainted. Only has an effect
// if layer compositing is being used,
void setBackingNeedsRepaint();
void setBackingNeedsRepaintInRect(const LayoutRect&); // r is in the coordinate space of the layer's render object
void setFilterBackendNeedsRepaintingInRect(const LayoutRect&);
bool shouldRepaintAfterLayout() const;
void clearRepaintRects();
RenderLayer* enclosingFilterRepaintLayer() const;
RenderLayerModelObject* m_renderer;
unsigned m_repaintStatus; // RepaintStatus
LayoutRect m_repaintRect; // Cached repaint rects. Used by layout.
LayoutRect m_outlineBox;
} // namespace WebCore
#endif // RenderLayerRepainter_h