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#ifndef RenderLayerClipper_h
#define RenderLayerClipper_h
#include "core/rendering/ClipRect.h"
#include "core/rendering/RenderBox.h" // For OverlayScrollbarSizeRelevancy.
namespace WebCore {
class RenderLayer;
class RenderRegion;
struct ClipRectsContext {
ClipRectsContext(const RenderLayer* inRootLayer, RenderRegion* inRegion, ClipRectsType inClipRectsType, OverlayScrollbarSizeRelevancy inOverlayScrollbarSizeRelevancy = IgnoreOverlayScrollbarSize, ShouldRespectOverflowClip inRespectOverflowClip = RespectOverflowClip)
: rootLayer(inRootLayer)
, region(inRegion)
, clipRectsType(inClipRectsType)
, overlayScrollbarSizeRelevancy(inOverlayScrollbarSizeRelevancy)
, respectOverflowClip(inRespectOverflowClip)
{ }
const RenderLayer* rootLayer;
RenderRegion* region;
ClipRectsType clipRectsType;
OverlayScrollbarSizeRelevancy overlayScrollbarSizeRelevancy;
ShouldRespectOverflowClip respectOverflowClip;
class RenderLayerClipper {
RenderLayerClipper(RenderLayerModelObject* renderer)
: m_renderer(renderer)
ClipRects* clipRects(const ClipRectsContext& context) const
ASSERT(context.clipRectsType < NumCachedClipRectsTypes);
return m_clipRectsCache ? m_clipRectsCache->getClipRects(context.clipRectsType, context.respectOverflowClip).get() : 0;
// Compute and cache clip rects computed with the given layer as the root
void updateClipRects(const ClipRectsContext&);
void clearClipRectsIncludingDescendants(ClipRectsType typeToClear = AllClipRectTypes);
void clearClipRects(ClipRectsType typeToClear = AllClipRectTypes);
// Compute and return the clip rects. If useCached is true, will used previously computed clip rects on ancestors
// (rather than computing them all from scratch up the parent chain).
void calculateClipRects(const ClipRectsContext&, ClipRects&) const;
// FIXME: Could this be a RenderBox?
RenderLayerModelObject* m_renderer;
OwnPtr<ClipRectsCache> m_clipRectsCache;
} // namespace WebCore
#endif // RenderLayerClipper_h