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* Copyright (C) 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2013 Apple Inc. All rights reserved.
* Copyright (C) 2008 Torch Mobile Inc. All rights reserved. (
* This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU Library General Public
* License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
* version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
* This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* Library General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU Library General Public License
* along with this library; see the file COPYING.LIB. If not, write to
* the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor,
* Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA.
#ifndef Page_h
#define Page_h
#include "core/dom/ViewportDescription.h"
#include "core/page/PageVisibilityState.h"
#include "core/page/UseCounter.h"
#include "core/rendering/Pagination.h"
#include "platform/LifecycleContext.h"
#include "platform/Supplementable.h"
#include "platform/geometry/LayoutRect.h"
#include "platform/geometry/Region.h"
#include "wtf/Forward.h"
#include "wtf/HashSet.h"
#include "wtf/Noncopyable.h"
#include "wtf/text/WTFString.h"
namespace WebCore {
class AutoscrollController;
class BackForwardClient;
class Chrome;
class ChromeClient;
class ClientRectList;
class ContextMenuClient;
class ContextMenuController;
class Document;
class DragCaretController;
class DragClient;
class DragController;
class EditorClient;
class FocusController;
class Frame;
class FrameSelection;
class HaltablePlugin;
class HistoryItem;
class InspectorClient;
class InspectorController;
class Node;
class PageConsole;
class PageGroup;
class PageLifecycleNotifier;
class PlatformMouseEvent;
class PluginData;
class PointerLockController;
class ProgressTracker;
class Range;
class RenderBox;
class RenderObject;
class RenderTheme;
class VisibleSelection;
class ScrollableArea;
class ScrollingCoordinator;
class Settings;
class SharedWorkerRepositoryClient;
class StorageNamespace;
class ValidationMessageClient;
typedef uint64_t LinkHash;
float deviceScaleFactor(Frame*);
class Page : public Supplementable<Page>, public LifecycleContext<Page> {
friend class Settings;
static void scheduleForcedStyleRecalcForAllPages();
// It is up to the platform to ensure that non-null clients are provided where required.
struct PageClients {
ChromeClient* chromeClient;
ContextMenuClient* contextMenuClient;
EditorClient* editorClient;
DragClient* dragClient;
InspectorClient* inspectorClient;
BackForwardClient* backForwardClient;
explicit Page(PageClients&);
void setNeedsRecalcStyleInAllFrames();
ViewportDescription viewportDescription() const;
static void refreshPlugins(bool reload);
PluginData* pluginData() const;
EditorClient& editorClient() const { return *m_editorClient; }
void setMainFrame(PassRefPtr<Frame>);
Frame* mainFrame() const { return m_mainFrame.get(); }
void documentDetached(Document*);
bool openedByDOM() const;
void setOpenedByDOM();
// DEPRECATED. Use backForward() instead of the following function.
void goToItem(HistoryItem*);
// FIXME: InspectorPageGroup is only needed to support single process debugger layout tests, it should be removed when DumpRenderTree is gone.
enum PageGroupType { InspectorPageGroup, PrivatePageGroup, SharedPageGroup };
void setGroupType(PageGroupType);
void clearPageGroup();
PageGroup& group()
if (!m_group)
return *m_group;
void incrementSubframeCount() { ++m_subframeCount; }
void decrementSubframeCount() { ASSERT(m_subframeCount); --m_subframeCount; }
int subframeCount() const { checkSubframeCountConsistency(); return m_subframeCount; }
Chrome& chrome() const { return *m_chrome; }
DragCaretController& dragCaretController() const { return *m_dragCaretController; }
DragController& dragController() const { return *m_dragController; }
FocusController& focusController() const { return *m_focusController; }
ContextMenuController& contextMenuController() const { return *m_contextMenuController; }
InspectorController& inspectorController() const { return *m_inspectorController; }
PointerLockController& pointerLockController() const { return *m_pointerLockController; }
ValidationMessageClient* validationMessageClient() const { return m_validationMessageClient; }
void setValidationMessageClient(ValidationMessageClient* client) { m_validationMessageClient = client; }
SharedWorkerRepositoryClient* sharedWorkerRepositoryClient() { return m_sharedWorkerRepositoryClient; }
void setSharedWorkerRepositoryClient(SharedWorkerRepositoryClient* client) { m_sharedWorkerRepositoryClient = client; }
bool autoscrollInProgress() const;
bool autoscrollInProgress(const RenderBox*) const;
bool panScrollInProgress() const;
void startAutoscrollForSelection(RenderObject*);
void stopAutoscrollIfNeeded(RenderObject*);
void stopAutoscrollTimer();
void updateAutoscrollRenderer();
void updateDragAndDrop(Node* targetNode, const IntPoint& eventPosition, double eventTime);
#if OS(WIN)
void handleMouseReleaseForPanScrolling(Frame*, const PlatformMouseEvent&);
void startPanScrolling(RenderBox*, const IntPoint&);
ScrollingCoordinator* scrollingCoordinator();
String mainThreadScrollingReasonsAsText();
PassRefPtr<ClientRectList> nonFastScrollableRects(const Frame*);
Settings& settings() const { return *m_settings; }
ProgressTracker& progress() const { return *m_progress; }
BackForwardClient& backForward() const { return *m_backForwardClient; }
UseCounter& useCounter() { return m_useCounter; }
void setTabKeyCyclesThroughElements(bool b) { m_tabKeyCyclesThroughElements = b; }
bool tabKeyCyclesThroughElements() const { return m_tabKeyCyclesThroughElements; }
void unmarkAllTextMatches();
void setDefersLoading(bool);
bool defersLoading() const { return m_defersLoading; }
void setPageScaleFactor(float scale, const IntPoint& origin);
float pageScaleFactor() const { return m_pageScaleFactor; }
float deviceScaleFactor() const { return m_deviceScaleFactor; }
void setDeviceScaleFactor(float);
// Page and FrameView both store a Pagination value. Page::pagination() is set only by API,
// and FrameView::pagination() is set only by CSS. Page::pagination() will affect all
// FrameViews in the page cache, but FrameView::pagination() only affects the current
// FrameView.
const Pagination& pagination() const { return m_pagination; }
void setPagination(const Pagination&);
void userStyleSheetLocationChanged();
const String& userStyleSheet() const;
void dnsPrefetchingStateChanged();
static void allVisitedStateChanged(PageGroup*);
static void visitedStateChanged(PageGroup*, LinkHash visitedHash);
StorageNamespace* sessionStorage(bool optionalCreate = true);
// Don't allow more than a certain number of frames in a page.
// This seems like a reasonable upper bound, and otherwise mutually
// recursive frameset pages can quickly bring the program to its knees
// with exponential growth in the number of frames.
static const int maxNumberOfFrames = 1000;
PageVisibilityState visibilityState() const;
void setVisibilityState(PageVisibilityState, bool);
bool isCursorVisible() const { return m_isCursorVisible; }
void setIsCursorVisible(bool isVisible) { m_isCursorVisible = isVisible; }
#ifndef NDEBUG
void setIsPainting(bool painting) { m_isPainting = painting; }
bool isPainting() const { return m_isPainting; }
PageConsole& console() { return *m_console; }
double timerAlignmentInterval() const;
class MultisamplingChangedObserver {
virtual void multisamplingChanged(bool) = 0;
void addMultisamplingChangedObserver(MultisamplingChangedObserver*);
void removeMultisamplingChangedObserver(MultisamplingChangedObserver*);
void multisamplingChanged();
void didCommitLoad(Frame*);
static void networkStateChanged(bool online);
PassOwnPtr<LifecycleNotifier<Page> > createLifecycleNotifier();
PageLifecycleNotifier& lifecycleNotifier();
void initGroup();
void checkSubframeCountConsistency() const { }
void checkSubframeCountConsistency() const;
void setTimerAlignmentInterval(double);
const OwnPtr<AutoscrollController> m_autoscrollController;
const OwnPtr<Chrome> m_chrome;
const OwnPtr<DragCaretController> m_dragCaretController;
const OwnPtr<DragController> m_dragController;
const OwnPtr<FocusController> m_focusController;
const OwnPtr<ContextMenuController> m_contextMenuController;
const OwnPtr<InspectorController> m_inspectorController;
const OwnPtr<PointerLockController> m_pointerLockController;
RefPtr<ScrollingCoordinator> m_scrollingCoordinator;
const OwnPtr<Settings> m_settings;
const OwnPtr<ProgressTracker> m_progress;
RefPtr<Frame> m_mainFrame;
mutable RefPtr<PluginData> m_pluginData;
BackForwardClient* m_backForwardClient;
EditorClient* const m_editorClient;
ValidationMessageClient* m_validationMessageClient;
SharedWorkerRepositoryClient* m_sharedWorkerRepositoryClient;
UseCounter m_useCounter;
int m_subframeCount;
bool m_openedByDOM;
bool m_tabKeyCyclesThroughElements;
bool m_defersLoading;
float m_pageScaleFactor;
float m_deviceScaleFactor;
Pagination m_pagination;
String m_userStyleSheet;
bool m_didLoadUserStyleSheet;
RefPtr<PageGroup> m_group;
OwnPtr<StorageNamespace> m_sessionStorage;
double m_timerAlignmentInterval;
PageVisibilityState m_visibilityState;
bool m_isCursorVisible;
#ifndef NDEBUG
bool m_isPainting;
const OwnPtr<PageConsole> m_console;
HashSet<MultisamplingChangedObserver*> m_multisamplingChangedObservers;
} // namespace WebCore
#endif // Page_h