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// This list is used to generate RuntimeEnabledFeatures.h/cpp which contains
// a class that stores static enablers for all experimental features.
// Each feature can be assigned a "status":
// status=stable -> Enable this in all Blink configurations. We are committed to these APIs indefinitely.
// status=experimental -> In-progress features, Web Developers might play with, but are not on by default in stable.
// status=test -> Enabled in ContentShell for testing, otherwise off.
// status=deprecated -> Alias for "test", will be removed at some point.
// Features without a status are not enabled anywhere by default.
// "stable" features listed here should be rare, as anything which we've shipped stable
// can have its runtime flag removed soon after.
// condition=ENABLE_NAME is used for wrapping features in compile-time
// #if ENABLE(FEATURE) guards. These are deprecated and should all be removed.
AnyPointerMediaQueries status=experimental
ApplicationCache status=stable
AudioVideoTracks depends_on=Media, status=experimental
BackgroundSync status=experimental
BatteryStatus status=stable
Beacon status=stable
// Enable bleeding-edge code to make Blink draw content faster.
// The changes enabled behind this flag are very likely to break lots of content.
// ** DO NOT use this flag unless you know what you are doing. **
Bluetooth status=experimental
ClientHintsDpr status=experimental
ContextMenu status=experimental
CredentialManager status=test
Crypto status=stable
CSS3Text status=experimental
CSS3TextDecorations status=experimental
CSSAnimationUnprefixed status=experimental
CSSAttributeCaseSensitivity status=experimental
CSSCompositing status=experimental
CSSGridLayout status=experimental
CSSMaskSourceType status=experimental
CSSOMSmoothScroll status=experimental
CSSTouchActionDelay status=test
CSSViewport status=experimental
// getPropertyCSSValue, CSSValue, etc. will be removed once layout tests no longer depend on them.
CSSValue status=deprecated
CustomSchemeHandler depends_on=NavigatorContentUtils, status=experimental
Database status=stable
DecodeToYUV status=experimental
DeviceLight status=experimental
DisplayList2dCanvas status=stable
EncodingAPI status=stable
EncryptedMedia status=test
ExecCommandInJavaScript status=test
ExperimentalCanvasFeatures status=test
ExperimentalContentSecurityPolicyFeatures status=experimental
FileAPIBlobClose status=experimental
FileSystem status=stable
FullscreenUnprefixed status=test
Geofencing status=experimental
GeometryInterfaces status=test
// Temporary setting to allow easy rollback of change to hover media feature.
HoverMediaQueryKeywords status=stable
ImageDataConstructor status=experimental
ImageRenderingPixelated status=experimental
IMEAPI status=experimental
IndexedDBExperimental status=experimental
InputModeAttribute status=experimental
// Lax Mixed Content checking for WebSockets, XHR, etc. is deprecated and slated for removal.
LaxMixedContentChecking status=deprecated
LayerSquashing status=stable
LocalStorage status=stable
Media status=stable
MediaController depends_on=Media, status=experimental
MediaSource status=stable
MediaSourceExperimental depends_on=MediaSource, status=experimental
MediaStreamSpeech status=experimental
MemoryInfoInWorkers status=experimental
NavigationTransitions status=experimental
NetworkInformation status=stable
// CSS parser based on the css-syntax spec.
Notifications status=stable
// Only enabled on Android, and for certain layout tests on Linux.
PagePopup status=stable
PathOpsSVGClipping status=experimental
PeerConnection status=stable
Picture status=stable
PictureSizes status=stable
PrefixedEncryptedMedia status=stable
// This feature is deprecated and we are evangalizing affected sites.
// See for current status.
PrefixedVideoFullscreen status=stable
Presentation status=test
PseudoClassesInMatchingCriteriaInAuthorShadowTrees status=test
PushMessaging status=experimental
QuotaPromise status=experimental
RegionBasedColumns status=experimental
RequestAutocomplete status=test
ScreenOrientation status=stable
ScriptedSpeech status=stable
// Implements documentElement.scrollTop/Left and bodyElement.scrollTop/Left
// as per the spec, matching other Web engines.
ScrollTopLeftInterop status=experimental
// window.showModalDialog is deprecated and slated for removal.
ShowModalDialog status=deprecated
ServiceWorker status=stable
ServiceWorkerCache status=stable
ServiceWorkerOnFetch status=stable
SessionStorage status=stable
SharedWorker status=stable
Stream status=experimental
SubpixelFontScaling status=stable
SubresourceIntegrity status=experimental
ThreadedParserDataReceiver status=experimental
// Many websites disable mouse support when touch APIs are available. We'd
// like to enable this always but can't until more websites fix this bug.
// Chromium sets this conditionally (eg. based on the presence of a
// touchscreen) in ApplyWebPreferences.
Touch status=stable
UserSelectAll status=experimental
WebAnimationsAPI status=experimental
WebAnimationsPlaybackControl status=stable
WebAudio condition=WEB_AUDIO, status=stable
WebGLDraftExtensions status=experimental
WebMIDI status=test
WebVTTRegions depends_on=Media, status=experimental
XSLT status=stable
SVG1DOM status=stable