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# Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
# This file is gn GN version of modules.gypi.
blink_modules_output_dir = "$root_gen_dir/blink/modules"
_gypi = exec_script(
[ rebase_path("modules.gypi"),
"--replace=<(blink_modules_output_dir)=$blink_modules_output_dir" ],
[ "modules.gypi" ])
_tmp_modules_idl_files = _gypi.modules_idl_files
# modules_idl_files has a magic variable in it that is an embedder hook,
# remove that since it's not a file (need to do this before rebasing).
_tmp_modules_idl_files -= [
modules_idl_files = get_path_info(_tmp_modules_idl_files, "abspath")
# 'partial interface' or target (right side of) 'implements'
modules_dependency_idl_files =
get_path_info(_gypi.modules_dependency_idl_files, "abspath")
modules_event_idl_files =
get_path_info(_gypi.modules_event_idl_files, "abspath")
# interfaces that inherit from Event
generated_modules_files =
get_path_info(_gypi.generated_modules_files, "abspath")
# Remove GYP variables from the list (need to do this before rebasing).
_tmp_modules_files = _gypi.modules_files
_tmp_modules_files -= [
modules_files = get_path_info(_tmp_modules_files, "abspath")
modules_files += generated_modules_files # Account for GYP var expansion.
# 'partial interface' or target (right side of) 'implements'
modules_testing_dependency_idl_files =
get_path_info(_gypi.modules_testing_dependency_idl_files, "abspath")
modules_testing_files = get_path_info(_gypi.modules_testing_files, "abspath")
modules_unittest_files = get_path_info(_gypi.modules_unittest_files, "abspath")