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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "base/test/test_switches.h"
// Time (in milliseconds) that the tests should wait before timing out.
// TODO(phajdan.jr): Clean up the switch names.
const char switches::kTestLargeTimeout[] = "test-large-timeout";
// Maximum number of tests to run in a single batch.
const char switches::kTestLauncherBatchLimit[] = "test-launcher-batch-limit";
// Sets defaults desirable for the continuous integration bots, e.g. parallel
// test execution and test retries.
const char switches::kTestLauncherBotMode[] =
// Makes it possible to debug the launcher itself. By default the launcher
// automatically switches to single process mode when it detects presence
// of debugger.
const char switches::kTestLauncherDebugLauncher[] =
// Path to file containing test filter (one pattern per line).
const char switches::kTestLauncherFilterFile[] = "test-launcher-filter-file";
// Number of parallel test launcher jobs.
const char switches::kTestLauncherJobs[] = "test-launcher-jobs";
// Path to test results file in our custom test launcher format.
const char switches::kTestLauncherOutput[] = "test-launcher-output";
// Maximum number of times to retry a test after failure.
const char switches::kTestLauncherRetryLimit[] = "test-launcher-retry-limit";
// Path to test results file with all the info from the test launcher.
const char switches::kTestLauncherSummaryOutput[] =
// Flag controlling when test stdio is displayed as part of the launcher's
// standard output.
const char switches::kTestLauncherPrintTestStdio[] =
// Index of the test shard to run, starting from 0 (first shard) to total shards
// minus one (last shard).
const char switches::kTestLauncherShardIndex[] =
// Total number of shards. Must be the same for all shards.
const char switches::kTestLauncherTotalShards[] =
// Time (in milliseconds) that the tests should wait before timing out.
const char switches::kTestLauncherTimeout[] = "test-launcher-timeout";
// TODO(phajdan.jr): Clean up the switch names.
const char switches::kTestTinyTimeout[] = "test-tiny-timeout";
const char switches::kUiTestActionTimeout[] = "ui-test-action-timeout";
const char switches::kUiTestActionMaxTimeout[] = "ui-test-action-max-timeout";