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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "base/strings/string16.h"
#include "ui/base/ui_base_types.h"
#include "ui/gfx/native_widget_types.h"
#include "ui/views/widget/native_widget.h"
namespace gfx {
class FontList;
class ImageSkia;
class Rect;
namespace ui {
class InputMethod;
class NativeTheme;
class OSExchangeData;
namespace views {
class InputMethod;
class TooltipManager;
namespace internal {
class InputMethodDelegate;
// NativeWidgetPrivate interface
// A NativeWidget subclass internal to views that provides Widget a conduit for
// communication with a backend-specific native widget implementation.
// Many of the methods here are pass-thrus for Widget, and as such there is no
// documentation for them here. In that case, see methods of the same name in
// widget.h.
// IMPORTANT: This type is intended for use only by the views system and for
// NativeWidget implementations. This file should not be included
// in code that does not fall into one of these use cases.
class VIEWS_EXPORT NativeWidgetPrivate : public NativeWidget {
virtual ~NativeWidgetPrivate() {}
// Creates an appropriate default NativeWidgetPrivate implementation for the
// current OS/circumstance.
static NativeWidgetPrivate* CreateNativeWidget(
internal::NativeWidgetDelegate* delegate);
static NativeWidgetPrivate* GetNativeWidgetForNativeView(
gfx::NativeView native_view);
static NativeWidgetPrivate* GetNativeWidgetForNativeWindow(
gfx::NativeWindow native_window);
// Retrieves the top NativeWidgetPrivate in the hierarchy containing the given
// NativeView, or NULL if there is no NativeWidgetPrivate that contains it.
static NativeWidgetPrivate* GetTopLevelNativeWidget(
gfx::NativeView native_view);
static void GetAllChildWidgets(gfx::NativeView native_view,
Widget::Widgets* children);
static void GetAllOwnedWidgets(gfx::NativeView native_view,
Widget::Widgets* owned);
static void ReparentNativeView(gfx::NativeView native_view,
gfx::NativeView new_parent);
// Returns true if any mouse button is currently down.
static bool IsMouseButtonDown();
// Returns true if any touch device is currently down.
static bool IsTouchDown();
static gfx::FontList GetWindowTitleFontList();
// Initializes the NativeWidget.
virtual void InitNativeWidget(const Widget::InitParams& params) = 0;
// Returns a NonClientFrameView for the widget's NonClientView, or NULL if
// the NativeWidget wants no special NonClientFrameView.
virtual NonClientFrameView* CreateNonClientFrameView() = 0;
virtual bool ShouldUseNativeFrame() const = 0;
virtual bool ShouldWindowContentsBeTransparent() const = 0;
virtual void FrameTypeChanged() = 0;
// Returns the Widget associated with this NativeWidget. This function is
// guaranteed to return non-NULL for the lifetime of the NativeWidget.
virtual Widget* GetWidget() = 0;
virtual const Widget* GetWidget() const = 0;
// Returns the NativeView/Window associated with this NativeWidget.
virtual gfx::NativeView GetNativeView() const = 0;
virtual gfx::NativeWindow GetNativeWindow() const = 0;
// Returns the topmost Widget in a hierarchy.
virtual Widget* GetTopLevelWidget() = 0;
// Returns the Compositor, or NULL if there isn't one associated with this
// NativeWidget.
virtual const ui::Compositor* GetCompositor() const = 0;
virtual ui::Compositor* GetCompositor() = 0;
// Returns the NativeWidget's layer, if any.
virtual ui::Layer* GetLayer() = 0;
// Reorders the widget's child NativeViews which are associated to the view
// tree (eg via a NativeViewHost) to match the z-order of the views in the
// view tree. The z-order of views with layers relative to views with
// associated NativeViews is used to reorder the NativeView layers. This
// method assumes that the widget's child layers which are owned by a view are
// already in the correct z-order relative to each other and does no
// reordering if there are no views with an associated NativeView.
virtual void ReorderNativeViews() = 0;
// Notifies the NativeWidget that a view was removed from the Widget's view
// hierarchy.
virtual void ViewRemoved(View* view) = 0;
// Sets/Gets a native window property on the underlying native window object.
// Returns NULL if the property does not exist. Setting the property value to
// NULL removes the property.
virtual void SetNativeWindowProperty(const char* name, void* value) = 0;
virtual void* GetNativeWindowProperty(const char* name) const = 0;
// Returns the native widget's tooltip manager. Called from the View hierarchy
// to update tooltips.
virtual TooltipManager* GetTooltipManager() const = 0;
// Sets or releases event capturing for this native widget.
virtual void SetCapture() = 0;
virtual void ReleaseCapture() = 0;
// Returns true if this native widget is capturing events.
virtual bool HasCapture() const = 0;
// Returns the InputMethod for this native widget.
// Note that all widgets in a widget hierarchy share the same input method.
// TODO(suzhe): rename to GetInputMethod() when NativeWidget implementation
// class doesn't inherit Widget anymore.
virtual InputMethod* CreateInputMethod() = 0;
// Returns the InputMethodDelegate for this native widget.
virtual InputMethodDelegate* GetInputMethodDelegate() = 0;
// Returns the ui::InputMethod for this native widget.
// TODO(yukishiino): Rename this method to GetInputMethod once we remove
// views::InputMethod.
virtual ui::InputMethod* GetHostInputMethod() = 0;
// Centers the window and sizes it to the specified size.
virtual void CenterWindow(const gfx::Size& size) = 0;
// Retrieves the window's current restored bounds and "show" state, for
// persisting.
virtual void GetWindowPlacement(
gfx::Rect* bounds,
ui::WindowShowState* show_state) const = 0;
// Sets the NativeWindow title. Returns true if the title changed.
virtual bool SetWindowTitle(const base::string16& title) = 0;
// Sets the Window icons. |window_icon| is a 16x16 icon suitable for use in
// a title bar. |app_icon| is a larger size for use in the host environment
// app switching UI.
virtual void SetWindowIcons(const gfx::ImageSkia& window_icon,
const gfx::ImageSkia& app_icon) = 0;
// Initializes the modal type of the window to |modal_type|. Called from
// NativeWidgetDelegate::OnNativeWidgetCreated() before the widget is
// initially parented.
virtual void InitModalType(ui::ModalType modal_type) = 0;
// See method documentation in Widget.
virtual gfx::Rect GetWindowBoundsInScreen() const = 0;
virtual gfx::Rect GetClientAreaBoundsInScreen() const = 0;
virtual gfx::Rect GetRestoredBounds() const = 0;
virtual void SetBounds(const gfx::Rect& bounds) = 0;
virtual void SetSize(const gfx::Size& size) = 0;
virtual void StackAbove(gfx::NativeView native_view) = 0;
virtual void StackAtTop() = 0;
virtual void StackBelow(gfx::NativeView native_view) = 0;
virtual void SetShape(gfx::NativeRegion shape) = 0;
virtual void Close() = 0;
virtual void CloseNow() = 0;
virtual void Show() = 0;
virtual void Hide() = 0;
// Invoked if the initial show should maximize the window. |restored_bounds|
// is the bounds of the window when not maximized.
virtual void ShowMaximizedWithBounds(const gfx::Rect& restored_bounds) = 0;
virtual void ShowWithWindowState(ui::WindowShowState show_state) = 0;
virtual bool IsVisible() const = 0;
virtual void Activate() = 0;
virtual void Deactivate() = 0;
virtual bool IsActive() const = 0;
virtual void SetAlwaysOnTop(bool always_on_top) = 0;
virtual bool IsAlwaysOnTop() const = 0;
virtual void SetVisibleOnAllWorkspaces(bool always_visible) = 0;
virtual void Maximize() = 0;
virtual void Minimize() = 0;
virtual bool IsMaximized() const = 0;
virtual bool IsMinimized() const = 0;
virtual void Restore() = 0;
virtual void SetFullscreen(bool fullscreen) = 0;
virtual bool IsFullscreen() const = 0;
virtual void SetOpacity(unsigned char opacity) = 0;
virtual void SetUseDragFrame(bool use_drag_frame) = 0;
virtual void FlashFrame(bool flash) = 0;
virtual void RunShellDrag(View* view,
const ui::OSExchangeData& data,
const gfx::Point& location,
int operation,
ui::DragDropTypes::DragEventSource source) = 0;
virtual void SchedulePaintInRect(const gfx::Rect& rect) = 0;
virtual void SetCursor(gfx::NativeCursor cursor) = 0;
virtual bool IsMouseEventsEnabled() const = 0;
virtual void ClearNativeFocus() = 0;
virtual gfx::Rect GetWorkAreaBoundsInScreen() const = 0;
virtual Widget::MoveLoopResult RunMoveLoop(
const gfx::Vector2d& drag_offset,
Widget::MoveLoopSource source,
Widget::MoveLoopEscapeBehavior escape_behavior) = 0;
virtual void EndMoveLoop() = 0;
virtual void SetVisibilityChangedAnimationsEnabled(bool value) = 0;
virtual ui::NativeTheme* GetNativeTheme() const = 0;
virtual void OnRootViewLayout() const = 0;
virtual bool IsTranslucentWindowOpacitySupported() const = 0;
// Repost an unhandled event to the native widget for default OS processing.
virtual void RepostNativeEvent(gfx::NativeEvent native_event) = 0;
// Overridden from NativeWidget:
virtual internal::NativeWidgetPrivate* AsNativeWidgetPrivate() OVERRIDE;
} // namespace internal
} // namespace views