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// Copyright 2013 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "cc/base/cc_export.h"
#include "cc/input/scrollbar.h"
#include "cc/layers/layer.h"
#include "cc/layers/layer_impl.h"
namespace cc {
class LayerTreeImpl;
class CC_EXPORT ScrollbarLayerImplBase : public LayerImpl {
int ScrollLayerId() const {
return scroll_layer_ ? scroll_layer_->id() : Layer::INVALID_ID;
void ClearScrollLayer() { scroll_layer_ = NULL; }
void SetScrollLayerById(int id);
int ClipLayerId() const {
return clip_layer_ ? clip_layer_->id() : Layer::INVALID_ID;
void ClearClipLayer() { clip_layer_ = NULL; }
void SetClipLayerById(int id);
float current_pos() const { return current_pos_; }
void SetCurrentPos(float current_pos);
int maximum() const { return maximum_; }
void SetMaximum(int maximum);
void SetVerticalAdjust(float vertical_adjust);
bool is_overlay_scrollbar() const { return is_overlay_scrollbar_; }
void set_is_overlay_scrollbar(bool is_overlay) {
is_overlay_scrollbar_ = is_overlay;
ScrollbarOrientation orientation() const { return orientation_; }
bool is_left_side_vertical_scrollbar() {
return is_left_side_vertical_scrollbar_;
virtual void PushPropertiesTo(LayerImpl* layer) OVERRIDE;
virtual ScrollbarLayerImplBase* ToScrollbarLayer() OVERRIDE;
void PushScrollClipPropertiesTo(LayerImpl* layer);
void SetVisibleToTotalLengthRatio(float ratio);
virtual gfx::Rect ComputeThumbQuadRect() const;
float thumb_thickness_scale_factor() {
return thumb_thickness_scale_factor_;
void SetThumbThicknessScaleFactor(float thumb_thickness_scale_factor);
void ScrollbarParametersDidChange();
ScrollbarLayerImplBase(LayerTreeImpl* tree_impl,
int id,
ScrollbarOrientation orientation,
bool is_left_side_vertical_scrollbar,
bool is_overlay);
virtual ~ScrollbarLayerImplBase();
gfx::Rect ScrollbarLayerRectToContentRect(const gfx::RectF& layer_rect) const;
float visible_to_total_length_ratio() const {
return visible_to_total_length_ratio_;
float vertical_adjust() const { return vertical_adjust_; }
virtual int ThumbThickness() const = 0;
virtual int ThumbLength() const = 0;
virtual float TrackLength() const = 0;
virtual int TrackStart() const = 0;
// Indicates whether the thumb length can be changed without going back to the
// main thread.
virtual bool IsThumbResizable() const = 0;
LayerImpl* scroll_layer_;
LayerImpl* clip_layer_;
bool is_overlay_scrollbar_;
float thumb_thickness_scale_factor_;
float current_pos_;
int maximum_;
ScrollbarOrientation orientation_;
bool is_left_side_vertical_scrollbar_;
// Difference between the clip layer's height and the visible viewport
// height (which may differ in the presence of top-controls hiding).
float vertical_adjust_;
float visible_to_total_length_ratio_;
} // namespace cc