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// Copyright 2011 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <set>
#include <string>
#include "base/logging.h"
#include "base/memory/scoped_ptr.h"
#include "base/values.h"
#include "cc/animation/layer_animation_controller.h"
#include "cc/animation/layer_animation_value_observer.h"
#include "cc/animation/layer_animation_value_provider.h"
#include "cc/base/cc_export.h"
#include "cc/base/region.h"
#include "cc/base/scoped_ptr_vector.h"
#include "cc/input/input_handler.h"
#include "cc/layers/draw_properties.h"
#include "cc/layers/layer_lists.h"
#include "cc/layers/layer_position_constraint.h"
#include "cc/layers/render_surface_impl.h"
#include "cc/output/filter_operations.h"
#include "cc/quads/render_pass.h"
#include "cc/quads/shared_quad_state.h"
#include "cc/resources/resource_provider.h"
#include "skia/ext/refptr.h"
#include "third_party/skia/include/core/SkColor.h"
#include "third_party/skia/include/core/SkImageFilter.h"
#include "third_party/skia/include/core/SkPicture.h"
#include "ui/gfx/point3_f.h"
#include "ui/gfx/rect.h"
#include "ui/gfx/rect_f.h"
#include "ui/gfx/transform.h"
namespace base {
namespace debug {
class ConvertableToTraceFormat;
class DictionaryValue;
namespace cc {
class LayerTreeHostImpl;
class LayerTreeImpl;
class MicroBenchmarkImpl;
class QuadSink;
class Renderer;
class ScrollbarAnimationController;
class ScrollbarLayerImplBase;
class Tile;
struct AppendQuadsData;
enum DrawMode {
class CC_EXPORT LayerImpl : public LayerAnimationValueObserver,
public LayerAnimationValueProvider {
// Allows for the ownership of the total scroll offset to be delegated outside
// of the layer.
class ScrollOffsetDelegate {
virtual void SetTotalScrollOffset(const gfx::Vector2dF& new_value) = 0;
virtual gfx::Vector2dF GetTotalScrollOffset() = 0;
virtual bool IsExternalFlingActive() const = 0;
typedef LayerImplList RenderSurfaceListType;
typedef LayerImplList LayerListType;
typedef RenderSurfaceImpl RenderSurfaceType;
enum RenderingContextConstants { NO_RENDERING_CONTEXT = 0 };
static scoped_ptr<LayerImpl> Create(LayerTreeImpl* tree_impl, int id) {
return make_scoped_ptr(new LayerImpl(tree_impl, id));
virtual ~LayerImpl();
int id() const { return layer_id_; }
// LayerAnimationValueProvider implementation.
virtual gfx::Vector2dF ScrollOffsetForAnimation() const OVERRIDE;
// LayerAnimationValueObserver implementation.
virtual void OnFilterAnimated(const FilterOperations& filters) OVERRIDE;
virtual void OnOpacityAnimated(float opacity) OVERRIDE;
virtual void OnTransformAnimated(const gfx::Transform& transform) OVERRIDE;
virtual void OnScrollOffsetAnimated(
const gfx::Vector2dF& scroll_offset) OVERRIDE;
virtual void OnAnimationWaitingForDeletion() OVERRIDE;
virtual bool IsActive() const OVERRIDE;
// Tree structure.
LayerImpl* parent() { return parent_; }
const LayerImpl* parent() const { return parent_; }
const OwnedLayerImplList& children() const { return children_; }
OwnedLayerImplList& children() { return children_; }
LayerImpl* child_at(size_t index) const { return children_[index]; }
void AddChild(scoped_ptr<LayerImpl> child);
scoped_ptr<LayerImpl> RemoveChild(LayerImpl* child);
void SetParent(LayerImpl* parent);
// Warning: This does not preserve tree structure invariants.
void ClearChildList();
bool HasAncestor(const LayerImpl* ancestor) const;
void SetScrollParent(LayerImpl* parent);
LayerImpl* scroll_parent() { return scroll_parent_; }
const LayerImpl* scroll_parent() const { return scroll_parent_; }
void SetScrollChildren(std::set<LayerImpl*>* children);
std::set<LayerImpl*>* scroll_children() { return scroll_children_.get(); }
const std::set<LayerImpl*>* scroll_children() const {
return scroll_children_.get();
void SetClipParent(LayerImpl* ancestor);
LayerImpl* clip_parent() {
return clip_parent_;
const LayerImpl* clip_parent() const {
return clip_parent_;
void SetClipChildren(std::set<LayerImpl*>* children);
std::set<LayerImpl*>* clip_children() { return clip_children_.get(); }
const std::set<LayerImpl*>* clip_children() const {
return clip_children_.get();
void PassCopyRequests(ScopedPtrVector<CopyOutputRequest>* requests);
// Can only be called when the layer has a copy request.
void TakeCopyRequestsAndTransformToTarget(
ScopedPtrVector<CopyOutputRequest>* request);
bool HasCopyRequest() const { return !copy_requests_.empty(); }
void SetMaskLayer(scoped_ptr<LayerImpl> mask_layer);
LayerImpl* mask_layer() { return mask_layer_.get(); }
const LayerImpl* mask_layer() const { return mask_layer_.get(); }
scoped_ptr<LayerImpl> TakeMaskLayer();
void SetReplicaLayer(scoped_ptr<LayerImpl> replica_layer);
LayerImpl* replica_layer() { return replica_layer_.get(); }
const LayerImpl* replica_layer() const { return replica_layer_.get(); }
scoped_ptr<LayerImpl> TakeReplicaLayer();
bool has_mask() const { return mask_layer_; }
bool has_replica() const { return replica_layer_; }
bool replica_has_mask() const {
return replica_layer_ && (mask_layer_ || replica_layer_->mask_layer_);
LayerTreeImpl* layer_tree_impl() const { return layer_tree_impl_; }
void PopulateSharedQuadState(SharedQuadState* state) const;
// WillDraw must be called before AppendQuads. If WillDraw returns false,
// AppendQuads and DidDraw will not be called. If WillDraw returns true,
// DidDraw is guaranteed to be called before another WillDraw or before
// the layer is destroyed. To enforce this, any class that overrides
// WillDraw/DidDraw must call the base class version only if WillDraw
// returns true.
virtual bool WillDraw(DrawMode draw_mode,
ResourceProvider* resource_provider);
virtual void AppendQuads(QuadSink* quad_sink,
AppendQuadsData* append_quads_data) {}
virtual void DidDraw(ResourceProvider* resource_provider);
virtual ResourceProvider::ResourceId ContentsResourceId() const;
virtual bool HasDelegatedContent() const;
virtual bool HasContributingDelegatedRenderPasses() const;
virtual RenderPass::Id FirstContributingRenderPassId() const;
virtual RenderPass::Id NextContributingRenderPassId(RenderPass::Id id) const;
virtual void UpdateTiles() {}
virtual void NotifyTileStateChanged(const Tile* tile) {}
virtual ScrollbarLayerImplBase* ToScrollbarLayer();
// Returns true if this layer has content to draw.
void SetDrawsContent(bool draws_content);
bool DrawsContent() const { return draws_content_; }
void SetHideLayerAndSubtree(bool hide);
bool hide_layer_and_subtree() const { return hide_layer_and_subtree_; }
bool force_render_surface() const { return force_render_surface_; }
void SetForceRenderSurface(bool force) { force_render_surface_ = force; }
void SetTransformOrigin(const gfx::Point3F& transform_origin);
gfx::Point3F transform_origin() const { return transform_origin_; }
void SetBackgroundColor(SkColor background_color);
SkColor background_color() const { return background_color_; }
// If contents_opaque(), return an opaque color else return a
// non-opaque color. Tries to return background_color(), if possible.
SkColor SafeOpaqueBackgroundColor() const;
void SetFilters(const FilterOperations& filters);
const FilterOperations& filters() const { return filters_; }
bool FilterIsAnimating() const;
bool FilterIsAnimatingOnImplOnly() const;
void SetBackgroundFilters(const FilterOperations& filters);
const FilterOperations& background_filters() const {
return background_filters_;
void SetMasksToBounds(bool masks_to_bounds);
bool masks_to_bounds() const { return masks_to_bounds_; }
void SetContentsOpaque(bool opaque);
bool contents_opaque() const { return contents_opaque_; }
void SetOpacity(float opacity);
float opacity() const { return opacity_; }
bool OpacityIsAnimating() const;
bool OpacityIsAnimatingOnImplOnly() const;
void SetBlendMode(SkXfermode::Mode);
SkXfermode::Mode blend_mode() const { return blend_mode_; }
bool uses_default_blend_mode() const {
return blend_mode_ == SkXfermode::kSrcOver_Mode;
void SetIsRootForIsolatedGroup(bool root);
bool is_root_for_isolated_group() const {
return is_root_for_isolated_group_;
void SetPosition(const gfx::PointF& position);
gfx::PointF position() const { return position_; }
void SetIsContainerForFixedPositionLayers(bool container) {
is_container_for_fixed_position_layers_ = container;
// This is a non-trivial function in Layer.
bool IsContainerForFixedPositionLayers() const {
return is_container_for_fixed_position_layers_;
gfx::Vector2dF FixedContainerSizeDelta() const;
void SetPositionConstraint(const LayerPositionConstraint& constraint) {
position_constraint_ = constraint;
const LayerPositionConstraint& position_constraint() const {
return position_constraint_;
void SetShouldFlattenTransform(bool flatten);
bool should_flatten_transform() const { return should_flatten_transform_; }
bool Is3dSorted() const { return sorting_context_id_ != 0; }
void SetUseParentBackfaceVisibility(bool use) {
use_parent_backface_visibility_ = use;
bool use_parent_backface_visibility() const {
return use_parent_backface_visibility_;
bool ShowDebugBorders() const;
// These invalidate the host's render surface layer list. The caller
// is responsible for calling set_needs_update_draw_properties on the tree
// so that its list can be recreated.
void CreateRenderSurface();
void ClearRenderSurface();
void ClearRenderSurfaceLayerList();
DrawProperties<LayerImpl>& draw_properties() {
return draw_properties_;
const DrawProperties<LayerImpl>& draw_properties() const {
return draw_properties_;
// The following are shortcut accessors to get various information from
// draw_properties_
const gfx::Transform& draw_transform() const {
return draw_properties_.target_space_transform;
const gfx::Transform& screen_space_transform() const {
return draw_properties_.screen_space_transform;
float draw_opacity() const { return draw_properties_.opacity; }
bool draw_opacity_is_animating() const {
return draw_properties_.opacity_is_animating;
bool draw_transform_is_animating() const {
return draw_properties_.target_space_transform_is_animating;
bool screen_space_transform_is_animating() const {
return draw_properties_.screen_space_transform_is_animating;
bool screen_space_opacity_is_animating() const {
return draw_properties_.screen_space_opacity_is_animating;
bool can_use_lcd_text() const { return draw_properties_.can_use_lcd_text; }
bool is_clipped() const { return draw_properties_.is_clipped; }
gfx::Rect clip_rect() const { return draw_properties_.clip_rect; }
gfx::Rect drawable_content_rect() const {
return draw_properties_.drawable_content_rect;
gfx::Rect visible_content_rect() const {
return draw_properties_.visible_content_rect;
LayerImpl* render_target() {
DCHECK(!draw_properties_.render_target ||
return draw_properties_.render_target;
const LayerImpl* render_target() const {
DCHECK(!draw_properties_.render_target ||
return draw_properties_.render_target;
RenderSurfaceImpl* render_surface() const {
return draw_properties_.render_surface.get();
int num_unclipped_descendants() const {
return draw_properties_.num_unclipped_descendants;
// The client should be responsible for setting bounds, content bounds and
// contents scale to appropriate values. LayerImpl doesn't calculate any of
// them from the other values.
void SetBounds(const gfx::Size& bounds);
void SetTemporaryImplBounds(const gfx::SizeF& bounds);
gfx::Size bounds() const;
gfx::Vector2dF BoundsDelta() const {
return gfx::Vector2dF(temporary_impl_bounds_.width() - bounds_.width(),
temporary_impl_bounds_.height() - bounds_.height());
void SetContentBounds(const gfx::Size& content_bounds);
gfx::Size content_bounds() const { return draw_properties_.content_bounds; }
float contents_scale_x() const { return draw_properties_.contents_scale_x; }
float contents_scale_y() const { return draw_properties_.contents_scale_y; }
void SetContentsScale(float contents_scale_x, float contents_scale_y);
void SetScrollOffsetDelegate(ScrollOffsetDelegate* scroll_offset_delegate);
bool IsExternalFlingActive() const;
void SetScrollOffset(const gfx::Vector2d& scroll_offset);
void SetScrollOffsetAndDelta(const gfx::Vector2d& scroll_offset,
const gfx::Vector2dF& scroll_delta);
gfx::Vector2d scroll_offset() const { return scroll_offset_; }
gfx::Vector2d MaxScrollOffset() const;
gfx::Vector2dF ClampScrollToMaxScrollOffset();
void SetScrollbarPosition(ScrollbarLayerImplBase* scrollbar_layer,
LayerImpl* scrollbar_clip_layer) const;
void SetScrollDelta(const gfx::Vector2dF& scroll_delta);
gfx::Vector2dF ScrollDelta() const;
gfx::Vector2dF TotalScrollOffset() const;
void SetSentScrollDelta(const gfx::Vector2d& sent_scroll_delta);
gfx::Vector2d sent_scroll_delta() const { return sent_scroll_delta_; }
// Returns the delta of the scroll that was outside of the bounds of the
// initial scroll
gfx::Vector2dF ScrollBy(const gfx::Vector2dF& scroll);
void SetScrollClipLayer(int scroll_clip_layer_id);
LayerImpl* scroll_clip_layer() const { return scroll_clip_layer_; }
bool scrollable() const { return !!scroll_clip_layer_; }
void set_user_scrollable_horizontal(bool scrollable) {
user_scrollable_horizontal_ = scrollable;
void set_user_scrollable_vertical(bool scrollable) {
user_scrollable_vertical_ = scrollable;
void ApplySentScrollDeltasFromAbortedCommit();
void ApplyScrollDeltasSinceBeginMainFrame();
void SetShouldScrollOnMainThread(bool should_scroll_on_main_thread) {
should_scroll_on_main_thread_ = should_scroll_on_main_thread;
bool should_scroll_on_main_thread() const {
return should_scroll_on_main_thread_;
void SetHaveWheelEventHandlers(bool have_wheel_event_handlers) {
have_wheel_event_handlers_ = have_wheel_event_handlers;
bool have_wheel_event_handlers() const { return have_wheel_event_handlers_; }
void SetHaveScrollEventHandlers(bool have_scroll_event_handlers) {
have_scroll_event_handlers_ = have_scroll_event_handlers;
bool have_scroll_event_handlers() const {
return have_scroll_event_handlers_;
void SetNonFastScrollableRegion(const Region& region) {
non_fast_scrollable_region_ = region;
const Region& non_fast_scrollable_region() const {
return non_fast_scrollable_region_;
void SetTouchEventHandlerRegion(const Region& region) {
touch_event_handler_region_ = region;
const Region& touch_event_handler_region() const {
return touch_event_handler_region_;
void SetDrawCheckerboardForMissingTiles(bool checkerboard) {
draw_checkerboard_for_missing_tiles_ = checkerboard;
bool draw_checkerboard_for_missing_tiles() const {
return draw_checkerboard_for_missing_tiles_;
InputHandler::ScrollStatus TryScroll(
const gfx::PointF& screen_space_point,
InputHandler::ScrollInputType type) const;
void SetDoubleSided(bool double_sided);
bool double_sided() const { return double_sided_; }
void SetTransform(const gfx::Transform& transform);
const gfx::Transform& transform() const { return transform_; }
bool TransformIsAnimating() const;
bool TransformIsAnimatingOnImplOnly() const;
void SetTransformAndInvertibility(const gfx::Transform& transform,
bool transform_is_invertible);
bool transform_is_invertible() const { return transform_is_invertible_; }
// Note this rect is in layer space (not content space).
void SetUpdateRect(const gfx::RectF& update_rect);
const gfx::RectF& update_rect() const { return update_rect_; }
void AddDamageRect(const gfx::RectF& damage_rect);
const gfx::RectF& damage_rect() const { return damage_rect_; }
virtual base::DictionaryValue* LayerTreeAsJson() const;
void SetStackingOrderChanged(bool stacking_order_changed);
bool LayerPropertyChanged() const { return layer_property_changed_; }
void ResetAllChangeTrackingForSubtree();
LayerAnimationController* layer_animation_controller() {
return layer_animation_controller_.get();
const LayerAnimationController* layer_animation_controller() const {
return layer_animation_controller_.get();
virtual Region VisibleContentOpaqueRegion() const;
virtual void DidBecomeActive();
virtual void DidBeginTracing();
// Release resources held by this layer. Called when the output surface
// that rendered this layer was lost or a rendering mode switch has occured.
virtual void ReleaseResources();
ScrollbarAnimationController* scrollbar_animation_controller() const {
return scrollbar_animation_controller_.get();
typedef std::set<ScrollbarLayerImplBase*> ScrollbarSet;
ScrollbarSet* scrollbars() { return scrollbars_.get(); }
void ClearScrollbars();
void AddScrollbar(ScrollbarLayerImplBase* layer);
void RemoveScrollbar(ScrollbarLayerImplBase* layer);
bool HasScrollbar(ScrollbarOrientation orientation) const;
void ScrollbarParametersDidChange();
int clip_height() {
return scroll_clip_layer_ ? scroll_clip_layer_->bounds().height() : 0;
gfx::Rect LayerRectToContentRect(const gfx::RectF& layer_rect) const;
virtual skia::RefPtr<SkPicture> GetPicture();
virtual scoped_ptr<LayerImpl> CreateLayerImpl(LayerTreeImpl* tree_impl);
virtual void PushPropertiesTo(LayerImpl* layer);
virtual void GetAllTilesForTracing(std::set<const Tile*>* tiles) const;
scoped_ptr<base::Value> AsValue() const;
virtual size_t GPUMemoryUsageInBytes() const;
void SetNeedsPushProperties();
void AddDependentNeedsPushProperties();
void RemoveDependentNeedsPushProperties();
bool parent_should_know_need_push_properties() const {
return needs_push_properties() || descendant_needs_push_properties();
bool needs_push_properties() const { return needs_push_properties_; }
bool descendant_needs_push_properties() const {
return num_dependents_need_push_properties_ > 0;
virtual void RunMicroBenchmark(MicroBenchmarkImpl* benchmark);
virtual void SetDebugInfo(
scoped_refptr<base::debug::ConvertableToTraceFormat> other);
bool IsDrawnRenderSurfaceLayerListMember() const;
void Set3dSortingContextId(int id);
int sorting_context_id() { return sorting_context_id_; }
LayerImpl(LayerTreeImpl* layer_impl, int id);
// Get the color and size of the layer's debug border.
virtual void GetDebugBorderProperties(SkColor* color, float* width) const;
void AppendDebugBorderQuad(QuadSink* quad_sink,
const gfx::Size& content_bounds,
const SharedQuadState* shared_quad_state,
AppendQuadsData* append_quads_data) const;
void AppendDebugBorderQuad(QuadSink* quad_sink,
const gfx::Size& content_bounds,
const SharedQuadState* shared_quad_state,
AppendQuadsData* append_quads_data,
SkColor color,
float width) const;
virtual void AsValueInto(base::DictionaryValue* dict) const;
void NoteLayerPropertyChanged();
void NoteLayerPropertyChangedForSubtree();
// Note carefully this does not affect the current layer.
void NoteLayerPropertyChangedForDescendants();
void NoteLayerPropertyChangedForDescendantsInternal();
virtual const char* LayerTypeAsString() const;
// Properties internal to LayerImpl
LayerImpl* parent_;
OwnedLayerImplList children_;
LayerImpl* scroll_parent_;
// Storing a pointer to a set rather than a set since this will be rarely
// used. If this pointer turns out to be too heavy, we could have this (and
// the scroll parent above) be stored in a LayerImpl -> scroll_info
// map somewhere.
scoped_ptr<std::set<LayerImpl*> > scroll_children_;
LayerImpl* clip_parent_;
scoped_ptr<std::set<LayerImpl*> > clip_children_;
// mask_layer_ can be temporarily stolen during tree sync, we need this ID to
// confirm newly assigned layer is still the previous one
int mask_layer_id_;
scoped_ptr<LayerImpl> mask_layer_;
int replica_layer_id_; // ditto
scoped_ptr<LayerImpl> replica_layer_;
int layer_id_;
LayerTreeImpl* layer_tree_impl_;
// Properties synchronized from the associated Layer.
gfx::Point3F transform_origin_;
gfx::Size bounds_;
gfx::SizeF temporary_impl_bounds_;
gfx::Vector2d scroll_offset_;
ScrollOffsetDelegate* scroll_offset_delegate_;
LayerImpl* scroll_clip_layer_;
bool scrollable_ : 1;
bool should_scroll_on_main_thread_ : 1;
bool have_wheel_event_handlers_ : 1;
bool have_scroll_event_handlers_ : 1;
bool user_scrollable_horizontal_ : 1;
bool user_scrollable_vertical_ : 1;
bool stacking_order_changed_ : 1;
// Whether the "back" of this layer should draw.
bool double_sided_ : 1;
bool should_flatten_transform_ : 1;
// Tracks if drawing-related properties have changed since last redraw.
bool layer_property_changed_ : 1;
bool masks_to_bounds_ : 1;
bool contents_opaque_ : 1;
bool is_root_for_isolated_group_ : 1;
bool use_parent_backface_visibility_ : 1;
bool draw_checkerboard_for_missing_tiles_ : 1;
bool draws_content_ : 1;
bool hide_layer_and_subtree_ : 1;
bool force_render_surface_ : 1;
// Cache transform_'s invertibility.
bool transform_is_invertible_ : 1;
// Set for the layer that other layers are fixed to.
bool is_container_for_fixed_position_layers_ : 1;
Region non_fast_scrollable_region_;
Region touch_event_handler_region_;
SkColor background_color_;
float opacity_;
SkXfermode::Mode blend_mode_;
gfx::PointF position_;
gfx::Transform transform_;
LayerPositionConstraint position_constraint_;
gfx::Vector2dF scroll_delta_;
gfx::Vector2d sent_scroll_delta_;
gfx::Vector2dF last_scroll_offset_;
// The global depth value of the center of the layer. This value is used
// to sort layers from back to front.
float draw_depth_;
FilterOperations filters_;
FilterOperations background_filters_;
friend class TreeSynchronizer;
// This flag is set when the layer needs to push properties to the active
// side.
bool needs_push_properties_;
// The number of direct children or dependent layers that need to be recursed
// to in order for them or a descendent of them to push properties to the
// active side.
int num_dependents_need_push_properties_;
// Layers that share a sorting context id will be sorted together in 3d
// space. 0 is a special value that means this layer will not be sorted and
// will be drawn in paint order.
int sorting_context_id_;
DrawMode current_draw_mode_;
// Rect indicating what was repainted/updated during update.
// Note that plugin layers bypass this and leave it empty.
// Uses layer (not content) space.
gfx::RectF update_rect_;
// This rect is in layer space.
gfx::RectF damage_rect_;
// Manages animations for this layer.
scoped_refptr<LayerAnimationController> layer_animation_controller_;
// Manages scrollbars for this layer
scoped_ptr<ScrollbarAnimationController> scrollbar_animation_controller_;
scoped_ptr<ScrollbarSet> scrollbars_;
ScopedPtrVector<CopyOutputRequest> copy_requests_;
// Group of properties that need to be computed based on the layer tree
// hierarchy before layers can be drawn.
DrawProperties<LayerImpl> draw_properties_;
scoped_refptr<base::debug::ConvertableToTraceFormat> debug_info_;
} // namespace cc