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# Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import logging
import re
from threading import Lock
import crash_utils
REVIEW_URL_PATTERN = re.compile(r'Review URL:( *)(.*)')
class Match(object):
"""Represents a match entry.
A match is a CL that is suspected to have caused the crash. A match object
contains information about files it changes, their authors, etc.
is_reverted: True if this CL is reverted by other CL.
revert_of: If this CL is a revert of some other CL, a revision number/
git hash of that CL.
crashed_line_numbers: The list of lines that caused crash for this CL.
function_list: The list of functions that caused the crash.
min_distance: The minimum distance between the lines that CL changed and
lines that caused the crash.
changed_files: The list of files that the CL changed.
changed_file_urls: The list of URLs for the file.
author: The author of the CL.
component_name: The name of the component that this CL belongs to.
stack_frame_indices: For files that caused crash, list of where in the
stackframe they occur.
rank: The highest priority among the files the CL changes. Priority = 1
if it changes the crashed line, and priority = 2 if it is a simple
file change.
priorities: A list of priorities for each of the changed file.
reivision_url: The revision URL of the CL.
review_url: The codereview URL that reviews this CL.
reviewers: The list of people that reviewed this CL.
reason: The reason why this CL is suspected.
REVERT_PATTERN = re.compile(r'(revert\w*) r?(\d+)', re.I)
def __init__(self, revision, component_name):
self.is_reverted = False
self.revert_of = None
self.crashed_line_numbers = []
self.function_list = []
self.min_distance = crash_utils.INFINITY
self.changed_files = []
self.changed_file_urls = [] = revision['author']
self.component_name = component_name
self.stack_frame_indices = []
self.rank = crash_utils.INFINITY
self.priorities = []
self.revision_url = revision['url']
self.review_url = ''
self.reviewers = []
self.reason = None
def ParseMessage(self, message, codereview_api_url):
"""Parses the message.
It checks the message to extract the code review website and list of
reviewers, and it also checks if the CL is a revert of another CL.
message: The message to parse.
codereview_api_url: URL to retrieve codereview data from.
for line in message.splitlines():
line = line.strip()
review_url_line_match = REVIEW_URL_PATTERN.match(line)
# Check if the line has the code review information.
if review_url_line_match:
# Get review number for the code review site from the line.
issue_number =
# Get JSON from the code review site, ignore the line if it fails.
url = codereview_api_url % issue_number
json_string = crash_utils.GetDataFromURL(url)
if not json_string:
logging.warning('Failed to retrieve code review information from %s',
# Load the JSON from the string, and get the list of reviewers.
code_review = crash_utils.LoadJSON(json_string)
if code_review:
self.reviewers = code_review['reviewers']
# Check if this CL is a revert of other CL.
if line.lower().startswith('revert'):
self.is_reverted = True
# Check if the line says what CL this CL is a revert of.
revert = self.REVERT_PATTERN.match(line)
if revert:
self.revert_of =
class MatchSet(object):
"""Represents a set of matches.
matches: A map from CL to a match object.
cls_to_ignore: A set of CLs to ignore.
matches_lock: A lock guarding matches dictionary.
def __init__(self, codereview_api_url):
self.codereview_api_url = codereview_api_url
self.matches = {}
self.cls_to_ignore = set()
self.matches_lock = Lock()
def RemoveRevertedCLs(self):
"""Removes CLs that are revert."""
for cl in self.matches:
if cl in self.cls_to_ignore:
del self.matches[cl]