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// Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// Use the <code>chrome.vpnProvider</code> API to implement a VPN
// client.
namespace vpnProvider {
// A parameters class for the vpn interface
dictionary Parameters {
// IP address for the VPN interface in CIDR notation.
// IPv4 is currently the only supported mode.
DOMString address;
// Broadcast address for the VPN interface. (default: Deduced
// from IP address and mask).
DOMString? broadcastAddress;
// MTU for the VPN interface. (default: 1500)
DOMString? mtu;
// Bypass network traffic to the below IPs (in CIDR notation)
// from the tunnel. Typically used to bypass traffic to/from
// VPN server.
DOMString[] bypassTunnelForIp;
// A list of search domains (default: system setting).
DOMString[]? domainSearch;
// A list of DNS servers in CIDR notation (default: system
// setting).
DOMString[]? dnsServers;
// The enum is used by the platform to notify the client of
// connection and network related status.
// TODO(kaliamoorthi) : Document the messages
enum PlatformMessage {
// The enum is used by the VPN client to inform the platform
// of its current state. This helps provide meaningful messages
// to the user. The states listed below are currently known to
// the platform (Shill daemon).
// TODO(kaliamoorthi) : Document all states
// TODO(kaliamoorthi) : Make failure more informative by expanding the failure
// conditions.
enum VpnConnectionState {
// The callback is used by <code>setParameters, sendPacket</code>
// to signal completion. The callback is called with
// <code>chrome.runtime.lastError</code> set to error code if
// there is an error.
[inline_doc] callback CallCompleteCallback = void ();
// The callback is used by createConfig to signal completion.
callback ConfigCreatedCallback = void (long handle);
interface Functions {
// Creates a new VPN configuration.
static void createConfig(DOMString name,
ConfigCreatedCallback callback);
// Destroys a VPN configuration created by the extension.
static void destroyConfig(long handle,
optional CallCompleteCallback callback);
// Sets the parameters for a VPN configuration. This should be
// called after connected is received from the platform.
static void setParameters(long handle, Parameters parameters,
CallCompleteCallback callback);
// Injects an IP packet into the network stack of Chrome OS.
static void sendPacket(long handle, ArrayBuffer data,
optional CallCompleteCallback callback);
// Notifies the VPN connection state to Chrome OS.
static void notifyConnectionStateChanged(
long handle, VpnConnectionState state,
optional CallCompleteCallback callback);
interface Events {
// Called when a message is received from the platform for a
// VPN configuration owned by the extension.
static void onPlatformMessage(long handle,
PlatformMessage message);
// Called when an IP packet is received from the platform for a
// VPN configuration owned by the extension.
static void onPacketReceived(long handle, ArrayBuffer data);