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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <set>
#include <vector>
#include "base/basictypes.h"
#include "base/observer_list.h"
#include "base/time/time.h"
#include "chrome/browser/sessions/session_id.h"
#include "chrome/browser/sessions/session_types.h"
#include "chrome/browser/sessions/tab_restore_service.h"
#include "chrome/browser/ui/host_desktop.h"
class Profile;
class TabRestoreService;
class TabRestoreServiceDelegate;
class TabRestoreServiceObserver;
class TimeFactory;
namespace content {
class NavigationController;
class WebContents;
// Helper class used to implement InMemoryTabRestoreService and
// PersistentTabRestoreService. See tab_restore_service.h for method-level
// comments.
class TabRestoreServiceHelper {
typedef TabRestoreService::Entries Entries;
typedef TabRestoreService::Entry Entry;
typedef TabRestoreService::Tab Tab;
typedef TabRestoreService::TimeFactory TimeFactory;
typedef TabRestoreService::Window Window;
// Provides a way for the client to add behavior to the tab restore service
// helper (e.g. implementing tabs persistence).
class Observer {
// Invoked before the entries are cleared.
virtual void OnClearEntries();
// Invoked before the entry is restored. |entry_iterator| points to the
// entry corresponding to the session identified by |id|.
virtual void OnRestoreEntryById(SessionID::id_type id,
Entries::const_iterator entry_iterator);
// Invoked after an entry was added.
virtual void OnAddEntry();
virtual ~Observer();
enum {
// Max number of entries we'll keep around.
kMaxEntries = 25,
// Creates a new TabRestoreServiceHelper and provides an object that provides
// the current time. The TabRestoreServiceHelper does not take ownership of
// |time_factory| and |observer|. Note that |observer| can also be NULL.
TabRestoreServiceHelper(TabRestoreService* tab_restore_service,
Observer* observer,
Profile* profile,
TimeFactory* time_factory);
// Helper methods used to implement TabRestoreService.
void AddObserver(TabRestoreServiceObserver* observer);
void RemoveObserver(TabRestoreServiceObserver* observer);
void CreateHistoricalTab(content::WebContents* contents, int index);
void BrowserClosing(TabRestoreServiceDelegate* delegate);
void BrowserClosed(TabRestoreServiceDelegate* delegate);
void ClearEntries();
const Entries& entries() const;
std::vector<content::WebContents*> RestoreMostRecentEntry(
TabRestoreServiceDelegate* delegate,
chrome::HostDesktopType host_desktop_type);
Tab* RemoveTabEntryById(SessionID::id_type id);
std::vector<content::WebContents*> RestoreEntryById(
TabRestoreServiceDelegate* delegate,
SessionID::id_type id,
chrome::HostDesktopType host_desktop_type,
WindowOpenDisposition disposition);
// Notifies observers the tabs have changed.
void NotifyTabsChanged();
// Notifies observers the service has loaded.
void NotifyLoaded();
// Adds |entry| to the list of entries and takes ownership. If |prune| is true
// |PruneAndNotify| is invoked. If |to_front| is true the entry is added to
// the front, otherwise the back. Normal closes go to the front, but
// tab/window closes from the previous session are added to the back.
void AddEntry(Entry* entry, bool prune, bool to_front);
// Prunes |entries_| to contain only kMaxEntries, and removes uninteresting
// entries.
void PruneEntries();
// Returns an iterator into |entries_| whose id matches |id|. If |id|
// identifies a Window, then its iterator position will be returned. If it
// identifies a tab, then the iterator position of the Window in which the Tab
// resides is returned.
Entries::iterator GetEntryIteratorById(SessionID::id_type id);
// Calls either ValidateTab or ValidateWindow as appropriate.
static bool ValidateEntry(Entry* entry);
friend class PersistentTabRestoreService;
// Populates the tab's navigations from the NavigationController, and its
// browser_id and pinned state from the browser.
void PopulateTab(Tab* tab,
int index,
TabRestoreServiceDelegate* delegate,
content::NavigationController* controller);
// This is a helper function for RestoreEntryById() for restoring a single
// tab. If |delegate| is NULL, this creates a new window for the entry. This
// returns the TabRestoreServiceDelegate into which the tab was restored.
// |disposition| will be respected, but if it is UNKNOWN then the tab's
// original attributes will be respected instead. If a new browser needs to be
// created for this tab, it will be created on the desktop specified by
// |host_desktop_type|. If present, |contents| will be populated with the
// WebContents of the restored tab.
TabRestoreServiceDelegate* RestoreTab(
const Tab& tab,
TabRestoreServiceDelegate* delegate,
chrome::HostDesktopType host_desktop_type,
WindowOpenDisposition disposition,
content::WebContents** contents);
// Returns true if |tab| has more than one navigation. If |tab| has more
// than one navigation |tab->current_navigation_index| is constrained based
// on the number of navigations.
static bool ValidateTab(Tab* tab);
// Validates all the tabs in a window, plus the window's active tab index.
static bool ValidateWindow(Window* window);
// Returns true if |tab| is one we care about restoring.
static bool IsTabInteresting(const Tab* tab);
// Checks whether |window| is interesting --- if it only contains a single,
// uninteresting tab, it's not interesting.
static bool IsWindowInteresting(const Window* window);
// Validates and checks |entry| for interesting.
static bool FilterEntry(Entry* entry);
// Finds tab entries with the old browser_id and sets it to the new one.
void UpdateTabBrowserIDs(SessionID::id_type old_id,
SessionID::id_type new_id);
// Gets the current time. This uses the time_factory_ if there is one.
base::Time TimeNow() const;
TabRestoreService* const tab_restore_service_;
Observer* const observer_;
Profile* const profile_;
// Set of entries. They are ordered from most to least recent.
Entries entries_;
// Are we restoring a tab? If this is true we ignore requests to create a
// historical tab.
bool restoring_;
ObserverList<TabRestoreServiceObserver> observer_list_;
// Set of delegates that we've received a BrowserClosing method for but no
// corresponding BrowserClosed. We cache the set of delegates closing to
// avoid creating historical tabs for them.
std::set<TabRestoreServiceDelegate*> closing_delegates_;
TimeFactory* const time_factory_;