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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "base/basictypes.h"
#include "base/compiler_specific.h"
#include "base/gtest_prod_util.h"
#include "base/strings/string16.h"
#include "base/time/time.h"
#include "base/timer/timer.h"
#include "chrome/browser/autocomplete/autocomplete_input.h"
#include "chrome/browser/autocomplete/autocomplete_provider.h"
#include "chrome/browser/autocomplete/autocomplete_provider_listener.h"
#include "chrome/browser/autocomplete/autocomplete_result.h"
class AutocompleteControllerDelegate;
class HistoryURLProvider;
class KeywordProvider;
class Profile;
class SearchProvider;
class ZeroSuggestProvider;
// The AutocompleteController is the center of the autocomplete system. A
// class creates an instance of the controller, which in turn creates a set of
// AutocompleteProviders to serve it. The owning class can ask the controller
// to Start() a query; the controller in turn passes this call down to the
// providers, each of which keeps track of its own matches and whether it has
// finished processing the query. When a provider gets more matches or finishes
// processing, it notifies the controller, which merges the combined matches
// together and makes the result available to interested observers.
// The owner may also cancel the current query by calling Stop(), which the
// controller will in turn communicate to all the providers. No callbacks will
// happen after a request has been stopped.
// IMPORTANT: There is NO THREAD SAFETY built into this portion of the
// autocomplete system. All calls to and from the AutocompleteController should
// happen on the same thread. AutocompleteProviders are responsible for doing
// their own thread management when they need to return matches asynchronously.
// The coordinator for autocomplete queries, responsible for combining the
// matches from a series of providers into one AutocompleteResult.
class AutocompleteController : public AutocompleteProviderListener {
// |provider_types| is a bitmap containing AutocompleteProvider::Type values
// that will (potentially, depending on platform, flags, etc.) be
// instantiated.
AutocompleteController(Profile* profile,
AutocompleteControllerDelegate* delegate,
int provider_types);
// Starts an autocomplete query, which continues until all providers are
// done or the query is Stop()ed. It is safe to Start() a new query without
// Stop()ing the previous one.
// See AutocompleteInput::AutocompleteInput(...) for more details regarding
// |input| params.
// The controller calls AutocompleteControllerDelegate::OnResultChanged() from
// inside this call at least once. If matches are available later on that
// result in changing the result set the delegate is notified again. When the
// controller is done the notification AUTOCOMPLETE_CONTROLLER_RESULT_READY is
// sent.
void Start(const AutocompleteInput& input);
// Cancels the current query, ensuring there will be no future notifications
// fired. If new matches have come in since the most recent notification was
// fired, they will be discarded.
// If |clear_result| is true, the controller will also erase the result set.
void Stop(bool clear_result);
// Begin asynchronous fetch of zero-suggest suggestions. The |input| should
// contain current omnibox input, the URL of the page we are on, and
// that page's classification.
void StartZeroSuggest(const AutocompleteInput& input);
// Asks the relevant provider to delete |match|, and ensures observers are
// notified of resulting changes immediately. This should only be called when
// no query is running.
void DeleteMatch(const AutocompleteMatch& match);
// Removes any entries that were copied from the last result. This is used by
// the popup to ensure it's not showing an out-of-date query.
void ExpireCopiedEntries();
// AutocompleteProviderListener:
virtual void OnProviderUpdate(bool updated_matches) OVERRIDE;
// Called when an omnibox event log entry is generated.
// Populates provider_info with diagnostic information about the status
// of various providers. In turn, calls
// AutocompleteProvider::AddProviderInfo() so each provider can add
// provider-specific information, information we want to log for a particular
// provider but not others.
void AddProvidersInfo(ProvidersInfo* provider_info) const;
// Called when a new omnibox session starts.
// We start a new session when the user first begins modifying the omnibox
// content; see |OmniboxEditModel::user_input_in_progress_|.
void ResetSession();
// Constructs the final destination URL for a given match using additional
// parameters otherwise not available at initial construction time. This
// method should be called from OmniboxEditModel::OpenMatch() before the user
// navigates to the selected match.
void UpdateMatchDestinationURL(base::TimeDelta query_formulation_time,
AutocompleteMatch* match) const;
HistoryURLProvider* history_url_provider() const {
return history_url_provider_;
KeywordProvider* keyword_provider() const { return keyword_provider_; }
SearchProvider* search_provider() const { return search_provider_; }
// Deprecated. Do not use that method! It's provided temporarily as clank
// migrates. If you need to access the aucomplete input you should keep a
// local copy of it.
// TODO(beaudoin): Remove this method once clank no longer rely on it.
const AutocompleteInput& input() const { return input_; }
const AutocompleteResult& result() const { return result_; }
bool done() const { return done_; }
const ACProviders* providers() const { return &providers_; }
const base::TimeTicks& last_time_default_match_changed() const {
return last_time_default_match_changed_;
friend class AutocompleteProviderTest;
FRIEND_TEST_ALL_PREFIXES(AutocompleteProviderTest, UpdateAssistedQueryStats);
FRIEND_TEST_ALL_PREFIXES(AutocompleteProviderTest, GetDestinationURL);
FRIEND_TEST_ALL_PREFIXES(OmniboxViewTest, DoesNotUpdateAutocompleteOnBlur);
FRIEND_TEST_ALL_PREFIXES(OmniboxViewViewsTest, CloseOmniboxPopupOnTextDrag);
// Updates |result_| to reflect the current provider state and fires
// notifications. If |regenerate_result| then we clear the result
// so when we incorporate the current provider state we end up
// implicitly removing all expired matches. (Normally we allow
// matches from the previous result set carry over. These stale
// results may outrank legitimate matches from the current result
// set. Sometimes we just want the current matches; the easier way
// to do this is to throw everything out and reconstruct the result
// set from the providers' current data.)
// If |force_notify_default_match_changed|, we tell NotifyChanged
// the default match has changed even if it hasn't. This is
// necessary in some cases; for instance, if the user typed a new
// character, the edit model needs to repaint (highlighting changed)
// even if the default match didn't change.
void UpdateResult(bool regenerate_result,
bool force_notify_default_match_changed);
// Updates |result| to populate each match's |associated_keyword| if that
// match can show a keyword hint. |result| should be sorted by
// relevance before this is called.
void UpdateAssociatedKeywords(AutocompleteResult* result);
// For each group of contiguous matches from the same TemplateURL, show the
// provider name as a description on the first match in the group.
void UpdateKeywordDescriptions(AutocompleteResult* result);
// For each AutocompleteMatch returned by SearchProvider, updates the
// destination_url iff the provider's TemplateURL supports assisted query
// stats.
void UpdateAssistedQueryStats(AutocompleteResult* result);
// Calls AutocompleteControllerDelegate::OnResultChanged() and if done sends
void NotifyChanged(bool notify_default_match);
// Updates |done_| to be accurate with respect to current providers' statuses.
void CheckIfDone();
// Starts |expire_timer_|.
void StartExpireTimer();
// Starts |stop_timer_|.
void StartStopTimer();
AutocompleteControllerDelegate* delegate_;
// A list of all providers.
ACProviders providers_;
HistoryURLProvider* history_url_provider_;
KeywordProvider* keyword_provider_;
SearchProvider* search_provider_;
ZeroSuggestProvider* zero_suggest_provider_;
// Input passed to Start.
AutocompleteInput input_;
// Data from the autocomplete query.
AutocompleteResult result_;
// The most recent time the default match (inline match) changed. This may
// be earlier than the most recent keystroke if the recent keystrokes didn't
// change the suggested match in the omnibox. (For instance, if
// a user typed "" and the match was
// the destination match ever since the user typed "ma" then this is
// the time that URL first appeared as the default match.) This may
// also be more recent than the last keystroke if there was an
// asynchronous provider that returned and changed the default
// match. See UpdateResult() for details on when we consider a
// match to have changed.
base::TimeTicks last_time_default_match_changed_;
// Timer used to remove any matches copied from the last result. When run
// invokes |ExpireCopiedEntries|.
base::OneShotTimer<AutocompleteController> expire_timer_;
// Timer used to tell the providers to Stop() searching for matches.
base::OneShotTimer<AutocompleteController> stop_timer_;
// Amount of time (in ms) between when the user stops typing and
// when we send Stop() to every provider. This is intended to avoid
// the disruptive effect of belated omnibox updates, updates that
// come after the user has had to time to read the whole dropdown
// and doesn't expect it to change.
const base::TimeDelta stop_timer_duration_;
// True if a query is not currently running.
bool done_;
// Are we in Start()? This is used to avoid updating |result_| and sending
// notifications until Start() has been invoked on all providers.
bool in_start_;
Profile* profile_;