Cherry pick [android_webview] Do not extract webviewchromium.pak

Cherry pick of
and update makefiles.


[android_webview] Do not extract webviewchromium.pak

- Change the android_webview_apk gyp files to include the en-US.pak
  file in the apk, which was erroneously missing.
- Add the do_not_compress gyp plumbing to store and zipalign paks in
  the apk (only for the android_webview_apk target).
- Stop decompressing pak files in the android webview shell apk.
- Change to take advantage of the new AwAssets
  and DataPack/ResourceBundle *FromRegion methods (mmap from the apk).
- Add temporary workaround which loads always the en-US.pak locale, in
  lack of a proper refactoring of i10n_utils and ResourceBundle.


Bug: 16723226
Change-Id: Ia423db5a2d419297c7c2753dbb18a0376fa10842
21 files changed