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Short Name: lzma
Version: 9.20
Security Critical: yes
License: Public domain
This contains a part of LZMA SDK 9.20.
Only the C code required to open 7z archive files and uncompress LZMA
compression has been included. The project files have been rewritten to use
proper file paths and generate a static lib.
The patch in chromium.patch was applied to CpuArch.c to fix compile error on
32bit Linux (when compiled with -fPIC).
2013-06-14: The patch was updated to fix register corruption that can occur on
64-bit platforms.
2013-07-17: The patch was updated to fix register clobbering that occurred on
Mac builds (but in principle can occur anywhere).
An #include <stdlib.h> needs to be added to CpuArch.h to avoid a warning on