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// Copyright 2013 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "mojo/public/system/core.h"
namespace mojo {
// Implementors of the core APIs can use this interface to install their
// implementation into the mojo_system dynamic library. Mojo clients should not
// call these functions directly.
class MOJO_SYSTEM_EXPORT CorePrivate {
virtual ~CorePrivate();
static void Init(CorePrivate* core);
virtual MojoTimeTicks GetTimeTicksNow() = 0;
virtual MojoResult Close(MojoHandle handle) = 0;
virtual MojoResult Wait(MojoHandle handle,
MojoWaitFlags flags,
MojoDeadline deadline) = 0;
virtual MojoResult WaitMany(const MojoHandle* handles,
const MojoWaitFlags* flags,
uint32_t num_handles,
MojoDeadline deadline) = 0;
virtual MojoResult CreateMessagePipe(MojoHandle* message_pipe_handle_0,
MojoHandle* message_pipe_handle_1) = 0;
virtual MojoResult WriteMessage(MojoHandle message_pipe_handle,
const void* bytes,
uint32_t num_bytes,
const MojoHandle* handles,
uint32_t num_handles,
MojoWriteMessageFlags flags) = 0;
virtual MojoResult ReadMessage(MojoHandle message_pipe_handle,
void* bytes,
uint32_t* num_bytes,
MojoHandle* handles,
uint32_t* num_handles,
MojoReadMessageFlags flags) = 0;
virtual MojoResult CreateDataPipe(const MojoCreateDataPipeOptions* options,
MojoHandle* data_pipe_producer_handle,
MojoHandle* data_pipe_consumer_handle) = 0;
virtual MojoResult WriteData(MojoHandle data_pipe_producer_handle,
const void* elements,
uint32_t* num_elements,
MojoWriteDataFlags flags) = 0;
virtual MojoResult BeginWriteData(MojoHandle data_pipe_producer_handle,
void** buffer,
uint32_t* buffer_num_elements,
MojoWriteDataFlags flags) = 0;
virtual MojoResult EndWriteData(MojoHandle data_pipe_producer_handle,
uint32_t num_elements_written) = 0;
virtual MojoResult ReadData(MojoHandle data_pipe_consumer_handle,
void* elements,
uint32_t* num_elements,
MojoReadDataFlags flags) = 0;
virtual MojoResult BeginReadData(MojoHandle data_pipe_consumer_handle,
const void** buffer,
uint32_t* buffer_num_elements,
MojoReadDataFlags flags) = 0;
virtual MojoResult EndReadData(MojoHandle data_pipe_consumer_handle,
uint32_t num_elements_read) = 0;
} // namespace mojo