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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// Declarations of ids of special shell windows.
namespace ash {
// TODO: we're using this in random places outside of ash, it shouldn't be in
// internal.
namespace internal {
// A higher-level container that holds all of the containers stacked below
// kShellWindowId_LockScreenContainer. Only used by PowerButtonController for
// animating lower-level containers.
const int kShellWindowId_NonLockScreenContainersContainer = 0;
// A higher-level container that holds containers that hold lock-screen
// windows. Only used by PowerButtonController for animating lower-level
// containers.
const int kShellWindowId_LockScreenContainersContainer = 1;
// A higher-level container that holds containers that hold lock-screen-related
// windows (which we want to display while the screen is locked; effectively
// containers stacked above kShellWindowId_LockSystemModalContainer). Only used
// by PowerButtonController for animating lower-level containers.
const int kShellWindowId_LockScreenRelatedContainersContainer = 2;
// A container used for windows of WINDOW_TYPE_CONTROL that have no parent.
// This container is not visible.
const int kShellWindowId_UnparentedControlContainer = 3;
// The desktop background window.
const int kShellWindowId_DesktopBackgroundContainer = 4;
// The virtual keyboard container.
const int kShellWindowId_VirtualKeyboardContainer = 5;
// TODO(sky): rename kShellWindowId_DefaultContainer.
// The container for standard top-level windows.
const int kShellWindowId_DefaultContainer = 6;
// The container for top-level windows with the 'always-on-top' flag set.
const int kShellWindowId_AlwaysOnTopContainer = 7;
// The container for windows docked to either side of the desktop.
const int kShellWindowId_DockedContainer = 8;
// The container for the shelf.
const int kShellWindowId_ShelfContainer = 9;
// The container for bubbles which float over the shelf.
const int kShellWindowId_ShelfBubbleContainer = 10;
// The container for panel windows.
const int kShellWindowId_PanelContainer = 11;
// The container for the app list.
const int kShellWindowId_AppListContainer = 12;
// The container for user-specific modal windows.
const int kShellWindowId_SystemModalContainer = 13;
// The container for input method components such like candidate windows. They
// are almost panels but have no activations/focus, and they should appear over
// the AppList and SystemModal dialogs.
const int kShellWindowId_InputMethodContainer = 14;
// The container for the lock screen background.
const int kShellWindowId_LockScreenBackgroundContainer = 15;
// The container for the lock screen.
const int kShellWindowId_LockScreenContainer = 16;
// The container for the lock screen modal windows.
const int kShellWindowId_LockSystemModalContainer = 17;
// The container for the status area.
const int kShellWindowId_StatusContainer = 18;
// The container for menus.
const int kShellWindowId_MenuContainer = 19;
// The container for drag/drop images and tooltips.
const int kShellWindowId_DragImageAndTooltipContainer = 20;
// The container for bubbles briefly overlaid onscreen to show settings changes
// (volume, brightness, etc.).
const int kShellWindowId_SettingBubbleContainer = 21;
// The container for special components overlaid onscreen, such as the
// region selector for partial screenshots.
const int kShellWindowId_OverlayContainer = 22;
// ID of the window created by PhantomWindowController or DragWindowController.
const int kShellWindowId_PhantomWindow = 23;
// The topmost container, used for power off animation.
const int kShellWindowId_PowerButtonAnimationContainer = 24;
} // namespace internal
} // namespace ash