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This directory contains files that make it possible to use system libraries.
For more info please read the following:
For more Chromium-specific context please read .
This directory is provided in the source tree to follow above guidelines.
It is a compromise solution which takes into account Chromium developers
who want to avoid the perceived burden of more conditional code in gyp,
and expectations of Open Source community, where using system-provided
libraries is the norm.
1. <preserved-directories>
For example: third_party/mesa
The script scans sources looking for third_party directories.
Everything that is not explicitly preserved is removed (except for
gyp files), and the script fails if any directory passed on command
line does not exist (to ensure list is kept up to date).
This is intended to be used on sources extracted from a tarball,
not a repository.
NOTE: by default this will not remove anything (for safety). Pass
--do-remove flag to actually remove files.
2. <gyp-flags>
For example: -Duse_system_harfbuzz=1
The script ignores flags other than -D for convenience. This makes it
possible to have a variable e.g. ${myconf} with all the options, and
build/linux/unbundle/ ${myconf}
build/gyp_chromium ${myconf}