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# Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
# This file contains UI-related build flags. It should theoretically be in the
# src/ui directory and only things that depend on the ui module should get the
# definitions.
# However, today we have many "bad" dependencies on some of these flags from,
# e.g. base, so they need to be global.
# See also build/config/features.gni
declare_args() {
# Indicates if Ash is enabled. Ash is the Aura Shell which provides a
# desktop-like environment for Aura. Requires use_aura = true
use_ash = is_win || is_chromeos
# Indicates if Ozone is enabled. Ozone is a low-level library layer for Linux
# that does not require X11.
use_ozone = false
# Support ChromeOS touchpad gestures with ozone.
use_evdev_gestures = false
# Indicates if Aura is enabled. Aura is a low-level windowing library, sort
# of a replacement for GDI or GTK.
use_aura = is_linux || use_ozone || is_win || is_chromeos || use_ash
# XInput2 multitouch support. Zero means disabled, nonzero indicates the
# minimum XI2 version. For example, use_xi2_mt=2 means XI2.2 or above.
use_xi2_mt = 2
# True means the UI is built using the "views" framework.
toolkit_views = is_win || is_chromeos || use_aura
# Additional dependent variables -----------------------------------------------
# These variables depend on other variables and can't be set externally.
if (is_linux) {
use_cairo = true
use_pango = true
} else {
use_cairo = false
use_pango = false
# Use GPU accelerated cross process image transport by default on linux builds
# with the Aura window manager.
ui_compositor_image_transport = use_aura && is_linux
use_default_render_theme = use_aura || is_linux
# Indicates if the UI toolkit depends on X11.
use_x11 = is_linux && !use_ozone
use_ozone_evdev = use_ozone
use_glib = is_linux
use_clipboard_aurax11 = is_linux && use_aura && use_x11