Revert of [Clank IME] Make keyCode detection sensitive to autocomplete=on|off.

Reason for revert:
Probably the cause of a bug where characters are not properly deleted when
using a Samsung keyboard.

Original issue's description:
> [Clank IME] Make keyCode detection sensitive to autocomplete=on|off.
> Fixing Stable blocker for Clank IME.
> The old keyCode detection heuristics would emit KEYCODE_DEL when the last
> character of composition is deleted by backspace. This causes the bug where
> the composition gets reset (Japanese keyboard). We fix the the problem by
> emitting keyCode 229 when composition is updated, if autocomplete=on. If
> autocomplete=off then we can can emit the keyCode, provided that we have
> single-character commits. Due to unfortunate collision with
> , we have to to define constant
> textInputFlagAutocompleteOff for compatibility with trunk and Beta.
> The companion WebKit CL is
> BUG=422685
> Committed:
> Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#311245}

Bug: 19363073
Change-Id: I25a945f797ffdb5959fd277ad8f86f149d79f8c1
2 files changed