Cherry-pick: Do not request vsync on touch if using synchronous compositor

Clean cherry-pick of chromium

BUG: 17033041

Original description:

Nothing registers for the callback in WasShown if using
synchronous compositor, so this does not change any behavior.
So this is only removing unneeded RequestVSyncUpdate

Change-Id: I7346590b81f03adc31bbc8b8d067d5fe4590582b
diff --git a/content/browser/renderer_host/ b/content/browser/renderer_host/
index ff24085..4196497 100644
--- a/content/browser/renderer_host/
+++ b/content/browser/renderer_host/
@@ -1190,7 +1190,7 @@
   // This is good enough as long as the first touch event has Begin semantics
   // and the actual scroll happens on the next vsync.
   // TODO: Is this actually still needed?
-  if (content_view_core_) {
+  if (content_view_core_ && observing_root_window_) {