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// Copyright (c) 2013 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "tools/gn/file_template.h"
#include "tools/gn/functions.h"
#include "tools/gn/parse_tree.h"
#include "tools/gn/scope.h"
#include "tools/gn/settings.h"
#include "tools/gn/target.h"
#include "tools/gn/value_extractors.h"
namespace functions {
const char kProcessFileTemplate[] = "process_file_template";
const char kProcessFileTemplate_HelpShort[] =
"process_file_template: Do template expansion over a list of files.";
const char kProcessFileTemplate_Help[] =
"process_file_template: Do template expansion over a list of files.\n"
" process_file_template(source_list, template)\n"
" process_file_template applies a template list to a source file list,\n"
" returning the result of applying each template to each source. This is\n"
" typically used for computing output file names from input files.\n"
" In most cases, get_target_outputs() will give the same result with\n"
" shorter, more maintainable code. This function should only be used\n"
" when that function can't be used (like there's no target or the target\n"
" is defined in another build file).\n"
" The source_list is a list of file names.\n"
" The template can be a string or a list. If it is a list, multiple\n"
" output strings are generated for each input.\n"
" The following template substrings are used in the template arguments\n"
" and are replaced with the corresponding part of the input file name:\n"
" {{source}}\n"
" The entire source name.\n"
" {{source_name_part}}\n"
" The source name with no path or extension.\n"
" sources = [\n"
" \"foo.idl\",\n"
" \"bar.idl\",\n"
" ]\n"
" myoutputs = process_file_template(\n"
" sources,\n"
" [ \"$target_gen_dir/{{source_name_part}}.cc\",\n"
" \"$target_gen_dir/{{source_name_part}}.h\" ])\n"
" The result in this case will be:\n"
" [ \"//out/Debug/\"\n"
" \"//out/Debug/foo.h\"\n"
" \"//out/Debug/\"\n"
" \"//out/Debug/bar.h\" ]\n";
Value RunProcessFileTemplate(Scope* scope,
const FunctionCallNode* function,
const std::vector<Value>& args,
Err* err) {
if (args.size() != 2) {
*err = Err(function->function(), "Expected two arguments");
return Value();
FileTemplate file_template(scope->settings(), args[1], err);
if (err->has_error())
return Value();
Target::FileList input_files;
if (!ExtractListOfRelativeFiles(scope->settings()->build_settings(), args[0],
scope->GetSourceDir(), &input_files, err))
return Value();
Value ret(function, Value::LIST);
// Temporary holding place, allocate outside to re-use buffer.
std::vector<std::string> string_output;
for (size_t i = 0; i < input_files.size(); i++) {
file_template.Apply(input_files[i], &string_output);
for (size_t out_i = 0; out_i < string_output.size(); out_i++)
ret.list_value().push_back(Value(function, string_output[out_i]));
return ret;
} // namespace functions