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// Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// Functions from libva used in chromium code.
VAStatus vaBeginPicture(VADisplay dpy, VAContextID context, VASurfaceID render_target);
VAStatus vaCreateBuffer(VADisplay dpy, VAContextID context, VABufferType type, unsigned int size, unsigned int num_elements, void *data, VABufferID *buf_id);
VAStatus vaCreateConfig(VADisplay dpy, VAProfile profile, VAEntrypoint entrypoint, VAConfigAttrib *attrib_list, int num_attribs, VAConfigID *config_id);
VAStatus vaCreateContext(VADisplay dpy, VAConfigID config_id, int picture_width, int picture_height, int flag, VASurfaceID *render_targets, int num_render_targets, VAContextID *context);
VAStatus vaCreateSurfaces(VADisplay dpy, unsigned int format, unsigned int width, unsigned int height, VASurfaceID *surfaces, unsigned int num_surfaces, VASurfaceAttrib *attrib_list, unsigned int num_attribs);
VAStatus vaDeriveImage(VADisplay dpy, VASurfaceID surface, VAImage *image);
VAStatus vaDestroyBuffer(VADisplay dpy, VABufferID buffer_id);
VAStatus vaDestroyConfig(VADisplay dpy, VAConfigID config_id);
VAStatus vaDestroyContext(VADisplay dpy, VAContextID context);
VAStatus vaDestroyImage(VADisplay dpy, VAImageID image);
VAStatus vaDestroySurfaces(VADisplay dpy, VASurfaceID *surfaces, int num_surfaces);
int vaDisplayIsValid(VADisplay dpy);
VAStatus vaEndPicture(VADisplay dpy, VAContextID context);
const char *vaErrorStr(VAStatus error_status);
VAStatus vaGetConfigAttributes(VADisplay dpy, VAProfile profile, VAEntrypoint entrypoint, VAConfigAttrib *attrib_list, int num_attribs);
VAStatus vaInitialize(VADisplay dpy, int *major_version, int *minor_version);
VAStatus vaMapBuffer(VADisplay dpy, VABufferID buf_id, void **pbuf);
int vaMaxNumProfiles(VADisplay dpy);
VAStatus vaQueryConfigProfiles(VADisplay dpy, VAProfile *profile_list, int *num_profiles);
VAStatus vaRenderPicture(VADisplay dpy, VAContextID context, VABufferID *buffers, int num_buffers);
VAStatus vaSetDisplayAttributes(VADisplay dpy, VADisplayAttribute *attr_list, int num_attributes);
VAStatus vaSyncSurface(VADisplay dpy, VASurfaceID render_target);
VAStatus vaTerminate(VADisplay dpy);
VAStatus vaUnmapBuffer(VADisplay dpy, VABufferID buf_id);
// Functions from libva-x11 used in chromium code.
VADisplay vaGetDisplay(Display *dpy);
VAStatus vaPutSurface(VADisplay dpy, VASurfaceID surface, Drawable draw, short srcx, short srcy, unsigned short srcw, unsigned short srch, short destx, short desty, unsigned short destw, unsigned short desth, VARectangle *cliprects, unsigned int number_cliprects, unsigned int flags);