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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "chrome/browser/ui/omnibox/omnibox_popup_model.h"
#include <algorithm>
#include "base/strings/string_util.h"
#include "base/strings/utf_string_conversions.h"
#include "chrome/browser/autocomplete/autocomplete_match.h"
#include "chrome/browser/extensions/api/omnibox/omnibox_api.h"
#include "chrome/browser/profiles/profile.h"
#include "chrome/browser/search_engines/template_url.h"
#include "chrome/browser/search_engines/template_url_service.h"
#include "chrome/browser/search_engines/template_url_service_factory.h"
#include "chrome/browser/ui/omnibox/omnibox_popup_model_observer.h"
#include "chrome/browser/ui/omnibox/omnibox_popup_view.h"
#include "third_party/icu/source/common/unicode/ubidi.h"
#include "ui/gfx/image/image.h"
#include "ui/gfx/rect.h"
// OmniboxPopupModel
const size_t OmniboxPopupModel::kNoMatch = -1;
OmniboxPopupView* popup_view,
OmniboxEditModel* edit_model)
: view_(popup_view),
selected_line_state_(NORMAL) {
OmniboxPopupModel::~OmniboxPopupModel() {
// static
void OmniboxPopupModel::ComputeMatchMaxWidths(int contents_width,
int separator_width,
int description_width,
int available_width,
bool allow_shrinking_contents,
int* contents_max_width,
int* description_max_width) {
if (available_width <= 0) {
*contents_max_width = 0;
*description_max_width = 0;
*contents_max_width = contents_width;
*description_max_width = description_width;
// If the description is empty, the contents can get the full width.
if (!description_width)
available_width -= separator_width;
if (contents_width + description_width > available_width) {
if (allow_shrinking_contents) {
// Try to split the available space fairly between contents and
// description (if one wants less than half, give it all it wants and
// give the other the remaining space; otherwise, give each half).
// However, if this makes the contents too narrow to show a significant
// amount of information, give the contents more space.
*contents_max_width = std::max(
(available_width + 1) / 2, available_width - description_width);
const int kMinimumContentsWidth = 300;
*contents_max_width = std::min(
std::max(*contents_max_width, kMinimumContentsWidth), contents_width);
// Give the description the remaining space, unless this makes it too small
// to display anything meaningful, in which case just hide the description
// and let the contents take up the whole width.
*description_max_width = available_width - *contents_max_width;
const int kMinimumDescriptionWidth = 75;
if (*description_max_width <
std::min(description_width, kMinimumDescriptionWidth)) {
*description_max_width = 0;
*contents_max_width = contents_width;
bool OmniboxPopupModel::IsOpen() const {
return view_->IsOpen();
void OmniboxPopupModel::SetHoveredLine(size_t line) {
const bool is_disabling = (line == kNoMatch);
DCHECK(is_disabling || (line < result().size()));
if (line == hovered_line_)
return; // Nothing to do
// Make sure the old hovered line is redrawn. No need to redraw the selected
// line since selection overrides hover so the appearance won't change.
if ((hovered_line_ != kNoMatch) && (hovered_line_ != selected_line_))
// Change the hover to the new line.
hovered_line_ = line;
if (!is_disabling && (hovered_line_ != selected_line_))
void OmniboxPopupModel::SetSelectedLine(size_t line,
bool reset_to_default,
bool force) {
const AutocompleteResult& result = this->result();
if (result.empty())
// Cancel the query so the matches don't change on the user.
line = std::min(line, result.size() - 1);
const AutocompleteMatch& match = result.match_at(line);
if (reset_to_default) {
} else {
// Track the user's selection until they cancel it.
manually_selected_match_.destination_url = match.destination_url;
manually_selected_match_.provider_affinity = match.provider;
manually_selected_match_.is_history_what_you_typed_match =
if (line == selected_line_ && !force)
return; // Nothing else to do.
// We need to update |selected_line_state_| and |selected_line_| before
// calling InvalidateLine(), since it will check them to determine how to
// draw. We also need to update |selected_line_| before calling
// OnPopupDataChanged(), so that when the edit notifies its controller that
// something has changed, the controller can get the correct updated data.
// NOTE: We should never reach here with no selected line; the same code that
// opened the popup and made it possible to get here should have also set a
// selected line.
CHECK(selected_line_ != kNoMatch);
GURL current_destination(result.match_at(selected_line_).destination_url);
const size_t prev_selected_line = selected_line_;
selected_line_state_ = NORMAL;
selected_line_ = line;
// Update the edit with the new data for this match.
// TODO(pkasting): If |selected_line_| moves to the controller, this can be
// eliminated and just become a call to the observer on the edit.
base::string16 keyword;
bool is_keyword_hint;
match.GetKeywordUIState(edit_model_->profile(), &keyword, &is_keyword_hint);
if (reset_to_default) {
edit_model_->OnPopupDataChanged(match.inline_autocompletion, NULL,
keyword, is_keyword_hint);
} else {
edit_model_->OnPopupDataChanged(match.fill_into_edit, &current_destination,
keyword, is_keyword_hint);
// Repaint old and new selected lines immediately, so that the edit doesn't
// appear to update [much] faster than the popup.
void OmniboxPopupModel::ResetToDefaultMatch() {
const AutocompleteResult& result = this->result();
SetSelectedLine(result.default_match() - result.begin(), true, false);
void OmniboxPopupModel::Move(int count) {
const AutocompleteResult& result = this->result();
if (result.empty())
// The user is using the keyboard to change the selection, so stop tracking
// hover.
// Clamp the new line to [0, result_.count() - 1].
const size_t new_line = selected_line_ + count;
SetSelectedLine(((count < 0) && (new_line >= selected_line_)) ? 0 : new_line,
false, false);
void OmniboxPopupModel::SetSelectedLineState(LineState state) {
DCHECK_NE(kNoMatch, selected_line_);
const AutocompleteMatch& match = result().match_at(selected_line_);
selected_line_state_ = state;
void OmniboxPopupModel::TryDeletingCurrentItem() {
// We could use GetInfoForCurrentText() here, but it seems better to try
// and shift-delete the actual selection, rather than any "in progress, not
// yet visible" one.
if (selected_line_ == kNoMatch)
// Cancel the query so the matches don't change on the user.
const AutocompleteMatch& match = result().match_at(selected_line_);
if (match.SupportsDeletion()) {
const size_t selected_line = selected_line_;
const bool was_temporary_text = !manually_selected_match_.empty();
// This will synchronously notify both the edit and us that the results
// have changed, causing both to revert to the default match.
const AutocompleteResult& result = this->result();
if (!result.empty() &&
(was_temporary_text || selected_line != selected_line_)) {
// Move the selection to the next choice after the deleted one.
// SetSelectedLine() will clamp to take care of the case where we deleted
// the last item.
// TODO(pkasting): Eventually the controller should take care of this
// before notifying us, reducing flicker. At that point the check for
// deletability can move there too.
SetSelectedLine(selected_line, false, true);
gfx::Image OmniboxPopupModel::GetIconIfExtensionMatch(
const AutocompleteMatch& match) const {
Profile* profile = edit_model_->profile();
const TemplateURL* template_url = match.GetTemplateURL(profile, false);
if (template_url &&
(template_url->GetType() == TemplateURL::OMNIBOX_API_EXTENSION)) {
return extensions::OmniboxAPI::Get(profile)->GetOmniboxPopupIcon(
return gfx::Image();
void OmniboxPopupModel::OnResultChanged() {
const AutocompleteResult& result = this->result();
selected_line_ = result.default_match() == result.end() ?
kNoMatch : static_cast<size_t>(result.default_match() - result.begin());
// There had better not be a nonempty result set with no default match.
CHECK((selected_line_ != kNoMatch) || result.empty());
selected_line_state_ = NORMAL;
// If we're going to trim the window size to no longer include the hovered
// line, turn hover off. Practically, this shouldn't happen, but it
// doesn't hurt to be defensive.
if ((hovered_line_ != kNoMatch) && (result.size() <= hovered_line_))
bool popup_was_open = view_->IsOpen();
// If popup has just been shown or hidden, notify observers.
if (view_->IsOpen() != popup_was_open) {
FOR_EACH_OBSERVER(OmniboxPopupModelObserver, observers_,
void OmniboxPopupModel::AddObserver(OmniboxPopupModelObserver* observer) {
void OmniboxPopupModel::RemoveObserver(OmniboxPopupModelObserver* observer) {