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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <string>
class Profile;
namespace base {
class CommandLine;
namespace prerender {
// Parse the --prerender= command line switch, which controls prerendering. If
// the switch is unset or is set to "auto" then the user is assigned to a
// field trial.
void ConfigurePrerender(const base::CommandLine& command_line);
// Returns true if the user has opted in or has been opted in to the
// prerendering from Omnibox experiment.
bool IsOmniboxEnabled(Profile* profile);
// Returns true if session storage namespace merging is not disabled.
bool ShouldMergeSessionStorageNamespaces();
// Returns true iff the Prerender Local Predictor is enabled.
bool IsLocalPredictorEnabled();
// Indicates whether to disable the local predictor due to unencrypted sync
// settings and configuration.
bool DisableLocalPredictorBasedOnSyncAndConfiguration(Profile* profile);
// Returns true iff the LoggedIn Predictor is enabled.
bool IsLoggedInPredictorEnabled();
// Returns true iff the side-effect free whitelist is enabled.
bool IsSideEffectFreeWhitelistEnabled();
// Returns true if the local predictor should actually launch prerenders.
bool IsLocalPredictorPrerenderLaunchEnabled();
// Returns true if the local predictor should prerender, but only as control
// group. If the local predictor never launches prerenders, then this setting
// is irrelevant.
bool IsLocalPredictorPrerenderAlwaysControlEnabled();
// Returns true if the local predictor should prefetch rather than prerender.
bool IsLocalPredictorPrerenderPrefetchEnabled();
// Returns true if we should query the prerender service for the profile
// provided.
bool ShouldQueryPrerenderService(Profile* profile);
// Indicates whether we should query the prerender service for the current URL
// and candidate URLs, respectively.
bool ShouldQueryPrerenderServiceForCurrentURL();
bool ShouldQueryPrerenderServiceForCandidateURLs();
// Returns the URL prefix to be used for the prerender service. The only thing
// that will be appended is the urlencoded query json.
std::string GetPrerenderServiceURLPrefix();
// Returns the prerender service behavior ID that should be passed to the
// to the prerender service in requests.
int GetPrerenderServiceBehaviorID();
// Returns the fetch timeout to be used for the prerender service, in ms.
int GetPrerenderServiceFetchTimeoutMs();
// Returns the TTL to be used for the local predictor.
int GetLocalPredictorTTLSeconds();
// Returns the half-life time to use to decay local predictor prerender
// priorities.
int GetLocalPredictorPrerenderPriorityHalfLifeTimeSeconds();
// Returns the maximum number of concurrent prerenders the local predictor
// may maintain.
int GetLocalPredictorMaxConcurrentPrerenders();
// Returns the maximum number of concurrent prerenders the local predictor
// may launch concurrently.
int GetLocalPredictorMaxLaunchPrerenders();
// The following functions return whether certain LocalPredictor checks should
// be skipped, as indicated by the name.
bool SkipLocalPredictorFragment();
bool SkipLocalPredictorHTTPS();
bool SkipLocalPredictorWhitelist();
bool SkipLocalPredictorServiceWhitelist();
bool SkipLocalPredictorLoggedIn();
bool SkipLocalPredictorDefaultNoPrerender();
bool SkipLocalPredictorLocalCandidates();
bool SkipLocalPredictorServiceCandidates();
// Indicates whether no prerender cookie stores should be used for prerendering.
bool IsPrerenderCookieStoreEnabled();
} // namespace prerender